From Sci-Fi to thriller… Nana draws attention by showing 180-degree different images through two works within this year

Actress Nana is receiving praises for her efforts in trying many genres only in the second half of this year and is expected to show a wider range of acting transformations. 

Nana recently took on a new challenge with her appearance in Netflix’s original series “Glitch”, which was released on October 7th. In this drama, which tells about UFOs and aliens but starts with SF then shows all kinds of materials, including crime and ‘buddy’ stories, Nana presented various acting performances as a friend who helps Hong Ji-hyo (Jeon Yeo-bin) track her boyfriend.

“Glitch” is a four-dimensional drama about Ji-hyo, who can see aliens, and Bo-ra, who has been tracking aliens for a long time, follow the traces left by Ji-hyo’s boyfriend, who disappeared with an unidentified light, and approach the reality of a mystery. In this series, Nana plays Heo Bo-ra, who runs a Youtube channel called “Moonhole TV”.


Since tracking aliens is a unique material, Nana also tried to make her character Heo Bo-ra stand out by making a hippie perm hairstyle, wearing colorful costumes, and having tattoos all over her body. In addition, she always uttered swear words in a cynical way of speaking to express her free-spirited character. 

Nana prepared every detail carefully to portray her character. At the press conference for “Glitch”, she said, “I wanted to add meanings to each of Bo-ra’s tattoos, so I selected them while thinking about different meaningful paintings and phrases”, adding “Since Bo-ra uses a lot of slang, I also thought about making this character approachable in a cuter way”.

Heo Bo-ra, which was created with such detailed elements, was introduced through the drama as a girl who is weird but confident. In particular, Nana perfectly showed the crazy side of Heo Bo-ra through her wild appearance in the scenes where she didn’t know where to go after fearlessly entering the mysterious religious group to uncover their secret.


She also presented amazing chemistry with Hong Ji-hyo played by Jeon Yeo-bin. Heo Bo-ra, who was unilaterally abandoned by her only friend Hong Ji-hyo in middle school, expressed her regrets with a rough appearance after reuniting with Ji-hyo and resolving their misunderstandings. She also led Ji-hyo in the investigation and actively helped Ji-Hyo find her boyfriend. In this regard, Jeon Yeo-bin said in an interview for “Glitch”, “I know that Nana was an idol but after watching her performance in ‘The Good Wife’, I was very amazed by her acting skills and how she transformed into a different person”, adding “That’s why I also looked forward to working with her this time”. The actress continued, “Meeting Nana at the script reading, I realized that she is really Heo Bo-ra herself”, pouring out compliments for her co-star.

Nana, who has revealed her unique and lively side through the SF work “Glitch”, will visit the big screen for the first time in 5 years with the movie “Confession”, which is scheduled to premiere on October 26th, with a 180-degree different image. “Confession” is a movie that depicts the story of promising businessman Yoo Min-ho (So Ji-sub), who was identified as the only suspect in a locked-room murder, and Yang Shin-ae (Kim Yoon-jin), a lawyer with a 100% winning rate who tries to prove Yoo Min-ho’s innocence, matching the hidden pieces to uncover the case.

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In this film, Nana will portray a new character that is completely different from Heo Bo-ra in “Glitch”. She will emphasize her mysterious personality more by taking on the role of Kim Se-hee, the victim in the locked-room murder who holds the decisive clue in the investigation. In particular, Se-hee’s two-sided appearance, which changes depending on Yoo Min-ho’s statement, adds confusion to the play and raises the tension of the story. To do this, Nana reportedly tried to express Se-hee with subtle expressions and anxious eyes. Actress Kim Yoon-jin, who is known as “Thriller Queen”, praised Nana, saying “She did so well that I even thought ‘She’s going to hit it again this time’”, adding “You’ll be able to see various faces of Nana through ‘Confession’”.

Nana, who used to be active as a member of girl groups After School and Orange Caramel, started acting in earnest after starring in “The Good Wife” in 2016. She has accumulated experience and gained favorable reviews for her skills by appearing in many works, such as “The Swindlers”, “Genesis”, “Memorials”, etc. In particular, in the second half of this year, she already introduced two productions, such as “Glitch” and “Confession”, at the same time, and visited the audience with completely different characters. The public is also raising curiosity about how the viewers will react to Nana’s two faces.

Source: Naver

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