Mystic’s rookie girl group Billlie lists the Rookie of the Year Award as their goal after debut

Billlie, the “Mystic’s No. 1 idol group,” picked the Rookie of the Year Award as their goal.

At a showcase to celebrate the release of their first mini-album “the Billage of perception : chapter one” on November 10th, Billlie members said “We want to make Billlie’s name known through this promotion,” adding, “we want to show many people what we’ve prepared so far.” Haruna expressed her goal of “winning the Rookie of the Year Award,” and Tsuki expressed her ambition, saying, “I hope there will be related search terms such as All-rounder Idol, all-kill on the music chart.”


The members continued with the introductions to their first album. Regarding their first album, “the Billage of perception : chapter one,” Soohyun said, “It is a planned album based on a unique and solid story,” adding, “It contains six songs that stand out with members’ vocals, rap and choreography. Moon Sua and Siyoon also participated in the rap making, doubling their speciality,” she said. Haram then said, “By hearing the name of the album, you can see that it’s a part of a series and connects to the next album,” adding, “Please pay a lot of attention to what kind of worldview and message Billlie will deliver starting with our debut album.”

Regarding her debut speech, Tsuki said, “I was so nervous that I didn’t know how I did on stage, but I did my best as much as I worked hard,” and Soohyun said, “The fact that I debuted hasn’t seem real to me, but now that we greeted everyone, I realize that I have debuted. I’m very nervous,” she said, drawing attention. Then Haram said, “I’m very nervous and excited, but I can rely on my members,” and promised, “I will work harder.”


Regarding the advice they heard from the  seniors at the agency, Siyoon said, “Producer Yoon Jong-shin advised us not to lose our passion and initial commitment, try hard, and enjoy the stage,” adding, “I’m working hard after hearing that.” Moon Sua drew attention by saying, “Kim Young-chul told me to study languages and read a lot of books.”

Finally, regarding what distinguishes Billlie from other groups, Haram emphasized, “I think it’s Billlie’s teamwork. We will show you a variety of charms, so please look forward to us.” Soohyun expressed her confidence, “You can’t leave out our performances, either. Before our official debut, we released a lot of choreography videos with Lia Kim and 1MILLION Dance Studio’s choreographers in advance, so please look forward to the performance that we will present in our debut song.”


Billlie (Siyoon, Tsuki, Soohyun, Haram, Moon Sua, Haruna) will make their debut with the release of their first mini-album “the Billage of perception : chapter one” at 6 PM on Nov 10th. Billlie is a global idol group formed through MYSTIC Incubation Camp – MYSTIC’s unique artist incubation system.

“the Billage of perception : chapter one” is an album that has improved Billlie’s completeness in various ways including music, singing, rapping and performance through the collaboration with 1MILLION Dance Studio as well as the unique world view based on a solid story. Above all, music lovers are paying attention to what kind of music and stage the girl group will captivate the public with. Besides, Moon Sua and Siyoon participated in rap making from the debut album, which is unusual for new artists.


The title track “RING X RING” tells a mysterious story surrounding what happened in a village. Created by composer Lee Min-soo and lyricist Kim Eana, it is a song that is expected to be the beginning of Billlie’s world view. In addition, the album consists of 6 songs of different genres such as “flipp!ng a coin”, “FLOWERLD” and “the eleventh day”, proving Billlie’s wide musical spectrum.

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