“My weapon is my face” Male idol’s remark about his visual garners approval even from men 

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu made a remark about his looks during the group’s three-day fan meeting event, “2023 SVT 7TH FAN MEETING SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND,” held from March 10th to 12th at the Olympic Park K-Sport Dome in Seoul.

During the final day of the fan meeting, the members delivered exciting performances and engaging talks, prompting cheers and laughter from their fandom CARAT.

seventeen Golden Disc Awards

Jun exclaimed, “Since the weather is a bit chilly today, let’s start by screaming loudly,” while DK promised to fill the moment with valuable and happy memories since it was the last day of the fan meeting.

In addition to the performances, SEVENTEEN members also played various games and had amusing conversations with the fans.

It was during one of these talks that Mingyu made a remark that ignited a hot response from fans. He said, “My weapon is my face,” showing off his confidence in his looks. 

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Mingyu is known to be a visual member of SEVENTEEN and is admired by many for his handsome features. As a result, his remark not only created a stir among female fans but also drew attention and approval from male fans.

Some male netizens online reacted positively to Mingyu’s remark, leaving comments such as, “As a man, I can acknowledge his good looks,” and “He knows he’s handsome, and I respect that.

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN has confirmed their comeback in April and is currently in the final stages of production for the new album. After their comeback, SEVENTEEN will continue their fan meeting tour in Japan’s dome stadiums.

Source: Insight. 

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