“My Teenage Girl” ranks #16 on “TV Hot Topic for non-drama programs” chart before airing

MBC’s “My Teenage Girl” has captivated the MZ generation even before its airing.

According to the survey result of the third week of November by Good Data, My Teenage Girl ranked 16th in the non-drama category of “TV Hot Topic for non-drama programs” chart. “My Teenage Girl” recorded a market share of 1.33%. It is the only record in the top 20 among programs that have not been broadcast.

In this survey, Mnet’s Show Me the Money 10 topped the list with 15.18%, “Knowing Brothers” ranked second with 3.89% and “Tomorrow is a National singer” took third place with 3.04%. MBC’s audition program “My Teenage Girl” will premiere at 8:20 PM on November 28.

My Teenage Girl TV Hot Topic for non-drama programs

Meanwhile, “My Teenage Girl” proved its hot popularity on TikTok, a global short video platform which is called Generation Z’s playground, by surpassing 105 million views on posts related to the hashtag “My Teenage Girl”. Aside from trainees’ stage videos, “My Teenage Girl” has been at the center of the topic by sequentially revealing individuals’ charms on TikTok, causing K-pop lovers to become its fans. In particular, it captivated global fans with contents that not only showcased vocal covers and dance skills, but also highlighted different charms such as individual skills and visuals.

My Teenage Girl TV Hot Topic for non-drama programs

In addition, fans have consumed themselves through various SNS and communities, proving the program’s popularity inside and outside Korea. Viewers’ interest is also increasing as the fan base is gradually expanding based on plentiful contents.

“My Teenage Girl” is scheduled to air on MBC and Naver NOW. at 8:20 PM on November 28. From December 5, it will be available every Sunday at 9 PM.

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