“My Teenage Girl” CLASS:y VS JYP’s NMIXX: KPOP fans are about to witness a neck and neck competition between super rookies

CLASS:y and NMIXX, which new girl group will achieve the greatest success in the spring of 2022?

The KPOP market has been so excited by the emergence of hot rookie groups CLASS:y and NMIXX. The two large girl groups are expected to heat up the music industry with their competition this year.


CLASS:y was formed through MBC’s audition program “My Teenage Girl”, which ended on February 27th. Consisting of 7 members, including Won Ji-min, Kim Seon-you, Myung Hyung-seo, Hong Hye-ju, Kim Ri-won, Park Bo-eun, and Yoon Chae-won, the girl group boasts unlimited growth at the average age of 16. The girls drew keen attention from KPOP fans as “My Teenage Girl” topped the non-drama ‘hot topic’ chart for 11 consecutive weeks at the time it was broadcast.


As an idol group selected by fans, not by the agency, CLASS:y’s biggest strength is their colorful charms, from “GOD baby” center Won Ji-min (15 years old), who has everything, including skills, visual and physical (172 cm), to “visual vocal” Myung Hyung-seo (20), lovely main vocalist Yoon Chae-won (18), “dance genius” Hong Hye-ju (18), “multi-talented” Kim Ri-won (15), “Little Jennie” Park Bo-eun (14) and “confident performer” youngest member Kim Seon-you (13). CLASS:y shows their potential to become a global group of 7 members with 7 different looks and individualities as well as skills that have been proved through the show broadcasts.


KPOP fans are also surprised by CLASS:y’s achievements and records. Within 3 days of their debut, starting with Mnet’s “M Countdown”, CLASS:y has been appearing on all national weekly music shows, including KBS2’s “Music Bank”, MBC’s “Show! Music Core”, and SBS’s “Inkigayo”, and other music programs on cable TV channels and presenting the fanservice stages of the song “SURPRISE”.


CLASS:y’s confident fanservice also caught the attention of KPOP fans. As soon as the music show performance video was released, it immediately ranked No.1 in views. In addition, the girl group is receiving enthusiastic responses from global KPOP fans as they have been releasing so many fanservice contents, such as Naver NOW online fanmeeting and VIBE Party room’s voice fanmeeting, etc., even before their official debut.


NMIXX, which is expected to have a neck and neck race with CLASS:y, is JYP Entertainment’s new girl group that announced their appearance in the music industry on February 22nd. The group consists of 7 members with an average age of 17, including former contestant on SBS’s “Kpop Star Season 6Lily (19), Haewon (19), Sullyoon (18), Jinny (17), BAE (17), Jiwoo (16) and Kyujin (15). 

NMIXX Haewon

NMIXX first made a smart strategy. In July last year, before its debut, the group stimulated the curiosity of K-pop fans with unique strategies such as opening pre-sale of its debut album in advance without disclosing the group name as well as the number and profile of its members. Shortly after the debut, the assumption that “All members are all vocal, dance, and visual all-rounders” has drawn expectations from K-pop fans.


NMIXX showed off its amazing popularity with its debut single “AD MARE,” which topped the list of girl group debut albums. It started smoothly with the advantage of being from a big agency with a strong fandom. The group is drawing attention in the global K-pop market as a junior to successful senior groups such as TWICE and ITZY. If it shows its differences from the existing agency’s senior group, NMIXX will continuously expand its fandom.

Who will be the winner of this spring’s rookie girl group competition? Global K-pop fans are paying attention to CLASS:y and NMIXX.

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