“My Liberation Notes” Son Seok-gu meets Kim Ji-won again, will they have a happy ending?

“My Liberation Notes” Son Seok-gu and Kim Ji-won finally reunited, raising the possibility of a happy ending for the two.

In the 14th episode of JTBC’s Saturday-Sunday drama “My Liberation Notes” (scripted by Park Hae-young, directed by Kim Seok-yoon), which aired on May 22nd, the recovery of the Yeom family after losing their mother Kwak Hye-seok (Lee Kyung-sung) was depicted.

My Liberation Notes

At the funeral of Kwak Hye-sook, the three siblings sobbed while their father Yeom Je-ho (Chun Ho-jin) was seen with a spiritless appearance. They also began to think about death. Yeom Chang-hee (Lee Min-ki), who was watching Kwak Hye-sook’s cremation, said, “When I end up lying there, who do you think will be standing here?”. Ji Hyun-ah (Jeon Hye-jin), who was standing next to him, replied, “Probably me”. In response, Yeom Chang-hee proposed to Ji Hyun-ah, “Let’s get married”.

My Liberation Notes

After returning home, the three siblings found traces of their mother while cleaning their house, such as the burnt rice that their mother had not used until she died, her clothes buried in a pile of laundry, her shoes in front of the door, and the side dishes she made. The grieving Yeom family stayed silent and the house was only filled with the TV sound.

My Liberation Notes

The daily life of the Yeom family became more needy. Auntie approached them by making side dishes that Yeom Je-ho didn’t even like, using their current situation as an excuse. Yeom Ki-jung (Lee El) later confessed, “Why do I have o go all the way to Wangsimni to pick up some food? She doesn’t even know what you like. I know she doesn’t care about you. Why does she have to pretend she does? She must be doing this to get money from you. If she even talks about it, I’ll show her what’s what. Don’t you know who put Mom through all that?”

My Liberation Notes

She then warned Yeom Je-ho, “If you let your sister have her way again, we’re done. I don’t even care if we’re family. I won’t see you again!”. During the fight, they suddenly a sound from their mother’s ashes. It looks like their mother was there to prevent family troubles.

Meanwhile, Yeom Mi-jung got into an incident. It was the aftermath of team leader Choi Joon-ho (Lee Ho-young) saving the number of his mistress under the name of Yeom Mi-jung. Choi Joon-ho’s wife called the company to find Yeom Mi-jung. Yeom Mi-jung answered the phone and explained, “It’s not me. He just saved her as my name”. Yeom Mi-jung immediately called Choi Joon-ho to confirm her real name then made it clear with his wife, saying, “I’m saved as ‘Yeom Mi-jeong’ with ‘temporary employee’ in brackets.”

My Liberation Notes

Yeom Mi-jung even knew who Choi Joon-ho’s mistress was. It was Han Soo-jin (Gong Ye-ji), her close colleague. Yeom Mi-jung comforted herself by pretending to be innocent but got hit by Han Soo-jin, who asked if she knew who Choi Joon-ho’s mistress was, with her bag because she was angry. In addition, Yeom Mi-jung seemed to be the only temporary employee to not be promoted as a full-time employee. 

Still, the Yeom family firmly overcame their wound. In particular, Yeom Chang-hee stood by Yeom Je-ho. Starting with Yeom Chang-hee, the family united and talked about the future of them becoming aunties and uncle of each other’s children.

My Liberation Notes

Mr. Goo returned to Sanpo. He then called Yeom Mi-jeong’s new number received from Yeom Je-ho. He said, “It’s been a while. How have you been? Have you managed to liberate yourself? Have you met someone who worships you?”. He added, “Let’s meet”, and smiled as he heard Yeom Mi-jung was not in a relationship.

Mr. Goo and Yeom Mi-jung, who reunited in that way, could not hide their smiles when looking at each other. Mr. Goo confessed to Yeom Mi-jung, who got angry and changed her number, “I missed you. So much”, adding, “It sounds real now that I’ve said it. It feels like I really missed you so much. I want to squeeze you and swallow you down in one mouthful”. Afterward, Mr. Goo finally told Yeom Mi-jung his real name Goo Ja-kyung. The two walked side by side happily. Will they be able to walk together until they have a happy ending?

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