“My Angel”, Gong Hyo Jin reveals sweet newlywed life with Kevin Oh

Actress Gong Hyo Jin, who recently got married in New York, USA, unveils her “honeymoon life” with singer Kevin Oh.

Actress Gong Hyo Jin and singer Kevin Oh recently had a romantic wedding in New York, USA. During their public relationship, the two did not officially express their affection or do “Love Stargram” on social media, so many fans are curious about their newlywed life.

Finally, on October 18th, Gong Hyo Jin slightly revealed her sweet newlywed life through her Instagram, as if she knew the feelings of such fans.

The photo shows her husband, Kevin Oh, who has become a lifelong companion. Behind Kevin Oh was a beautiful view outside the window where the sun was shining.

Kevin Oh, who is sitting against a bright landscape, can be seen staring at something as if immersed in thought. In addition, the pretty wedding ring on the fourth finger of his left hand, which was holding the phone, immediately caught attention.

Gong Hyo Jin also captioned the photo “My A N G E L”, showing her deep affection.

gong hyo jin

After getting married in New York, the two seem to be enjoying a sweet newlywed life there.

On the other hand, Gong Hyo Jin previously drew attention by revealing her wedding dress and bouquet along with Kevin Oh’s photo.

A total of three dresses were revealed, two of which were pure white, and the other was a cute yellow dress. 

Another photo shows Gong Hyo Jin standing with a colorful flower bouquet while wearing a light square-necked dress and polka dot veil. The actress also took a photo of herself tying her hair while wearing the same dress from the back. The photo, which is in black and while, created an emotional atmosphere. 

gong hyo jin

Meanwhile, back in March, Gong Hyo Jin drew attention after receiving the wedding bouquet at the wedding of actors Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin. 

After that, in April, she started a public relationship with Kevin Oh, who is 10 years younger than her, and received many congratulations.

Kevin Oh, who captured Gong Hyo Jin’s heart, made his face known to the public by winning the Mnet audition show “Superstar K7”.

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He made his official debut as a singer with the release of the album “Stardust” in 2017, and has participated in the OST of several dramas such as “Hot Stove League”, “Snowdrop”, and Yumi’s Cells Season 2”.

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