“Monster rookie” aespa earns a title that is harder to get than Daesang: Something even BTS, BLACKPINK, TWICE could not achieve

aespa is also the first SM girl group to get this amazing title.

The 36th Golden Disc Awards took place on January 8 with the attendance of popular artists including IU, Brave Girls, SEVENTEEN, STAYC, Stray Kids, OH MY GIRL, TXT, aespa,… With 2 smash hits “Next Level” and “Savage” in 2021, aespa once again took home the Rookie of The Year award, proving they are unrivaled compared to other 4th generation groups that debuted around the same time

Moreover, following their win at this year’s GDA, aespa has officially earned the title of Rookie Grand Slam – something even many top-tier idol groups could not achieve.

aespa Rookie Grand Slam
aespa officially earns the Rookie Grand Slam

To get a Rookie Grand Slam, an artist needs to win all rookie awards at the 5 major award shows in Korea, namely Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), MelOn Music Awards (MMA). , Golden Disc Awards (GDA), Seoul Music Awards (SMA) and Gaon Chart Music Awards (GCMA).

aespa Rookie Grand Slam
Rookie Of The Year at the 10th GCMA
aespa Rookie Grand Slam
Best Rookie Award at the 30th SMA
aespa Rookie Grand Slam
New Female Artist Of The Year at MMA 2021
aespa Rookie Grand Slam
Best New Female Artist at MAMA 2021
aespa Rookie Grand Slam
And Rookie Artist Award at the 36th GDA

aespa has now joined SHINee, iKON, Wanna One, TXT and ITZY as the only groups to attain a Rookie Grand Slam in the history of Kpop. Specifically, SHINee is the only 2nd generation group, iKON and Wanna One are the only 3rd generation groups, and TXT, ITZY, aespa are the only representatives of the 4th generation to bag this impressive title. 

Although they have set countless records, BTSBLACKPINKTWICE could not get a Rookie Grand Slam back in the early days of their debut. BTS and BLACKPINK came close with 4 out of 5 wins. Meanwhile, TWICE only took home 2 out of 5 rookie awards.

aespa Rookie Grand Slam
aespa Rookie Grand Slam
aespa Rookie Grand Slam
… and TWICE have led the K-pop industry for years, but could not get a Rookie Grand Slam 

It can be said that aespa has taken the first steps in a favorable and glorious career.  With the title of Rookie Grand Slam, the group also set a record as the first female artist under SM to conquer the challenge.  Even the “national girl group” SNSD and Red Velvet could not achieve this achievement.

In addition, aespa is the only group debuting in 2020 to achieve this achievement, also the second girl group in history after ITZY to be recognized as the Rookie Grand Slam of Kpop.  Particularly in the 4th generation idol world, aespa is the 3rd idol group after TXT and ITZY to gain this title.

aespa Rookie Grand Slam
aespa Rookie Grand Slam
… and ITZY used to be the only 2 idol groups of Gen 4 to be recognized as Rookie Grand Slam

This is considered a desirable starting point for all rookies.  Just over a year after debuting, aespa has quickly set up so many records, netizens believe that the group’s career will be even more brilliant in the following days.

  • It’s a pity that Winter couldn’t attend, but aespa won the Rookie Grand Slam, it’s so cool.
  • They finally won 5 rookie trophies from 5 biggest awards ceremonies, aespa jjang.
  • aespa has a good album sales record and has a Perfect All Kill song.  They are so deserving of this award!
  • Hanteo Music Awards is not in this list of 5 biggest awards.  aespa winning the Rookie Grand Slam is an undeniable fact.
  • Aespa all-killed rookie award?!
  • An artist can win the Daesang many times in their lifetime but they only have one chance to win the Rookie award.  Congratulations aespa.
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