“Money Heist” actress, who has been publicly dating for 2 years, shows off her Lovestagram

Actress Jeon Jong Seo drew attention by releasing her Lovestagram moment with film director Lee Chung Hyun.

On December 13th, Jeon Jong Seo posted a photo on her Instagram account and added the short caption “hype”. The released picture shows the actress taking a sweet two-shot selfie together with her boyfriend Lee Chung Hyun.

lee chung hyun jeon jong seo

Jeon Jong Seo raised the camera in front of the camera and naturally took a photo of them being together. It looked like the two were enjoying a date at a cafe in a shopping mall. They drew admiration with their warm visuals as well as lovely and friendly charms.

Jeon Jong Seo and Lee Chung Hyun have been dating publicly since they revealed their relationship in December last year. The story of the two meeting and becoming lovers drew admiration from the public.

lee chung hyun jeon jong seo

Jeon Jong Seo and Lee Chung Hyun met as actress and director through the 2020 film “The Call”. While working together on the set, they slowly had favorable feelings for each other. After the movie’s production and its Netflix release, the two developed from being colleagues into lovers. 

Right after dating rumors broke out, Jeon Jong Seo’s agency quickly confirmed the actress’s romantic relationship, saying “The two recently started dating”.

jeon jong seo

Meanwhile, Jeon Jong Seo recently starred in TVing’s original movie “Ransom” and Netflix series “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area Part 2” (as Tokyo). She is positively reviewing the casting offer for the new drama “Wedding Impossible”.

lee chung hyun

Director Lee Chung Hyun introduced the short film “Bargain” in 2015 and made his commercial film debut with the feature film “The Call”, which was exclusively released on Netflix in 2020. He is also famous for his idol-like visual.

Source: wikitree

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