MOMOLAND’s JooE draws attention to her recent sexy appearance that is said to resemble singer Jessi

MOMOLAND’s JooE flaunted her sexy visual that reminds people of singer Jessi.

On August 18th, JooE held a VLIVE broadcast to celebrate her birthday and spend time communicating with fans.

JooE appeared in a white dress with a revealing part on her back. Showing off her new long straight hair, the female idol greeted her fans.

momoland jooe

“Happy birthday, dear JooE, Lee Joo-won”, she sang the happy birthday song in a cute voice and even mentioned her real name. After clapping enthusiastically to congratulate her own birthday, JooE put her hands together and spent a few seconds making a wish. She then blew out the candles and tasted the cake.

Chatting with fans for a long time, JooE even showed her passionate dance to the highlight part of MOMOLAND’s hit song “BBoom BBoom” without background music. 

momoland jooe

Since she was wearing a dress with a large revealing upper body part, JooE’s glamorous body caught the eyes of netizens. Fans who watched the broadcast commented, “She reminds me of Jessi with the style of her outfit and her makeup”, “JooE is becoming more and more beautiful”, etc.

Meanwhile, JooE debuted as a member of MOMOLAND in 2016. She appeared on various entertainment shows and gained the title “Entertainment Idol”.

In the recent CF video for “Tropicana”, JooE impressed everyone with her appearance with Pippi Longstocking hair and her cute solo dance.

Source: Insight

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