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MOMOLAND’s JooE confessed the hardships she suffered due to school bullying scandal and rumors during the past 3 years

JooE talked about her hard time enduring all the cold gaze and harsh criticism. She shed tears recalling the mental distress she suffered over the past years.

From dating and school bullying rumors to malicious comments disparaging her appearance, JooE has been enduring them all alone. Once called a blue chip of the entertainment industry, JooE lost her bright and lively charm and appeared with a more mature and strong image after suffering misunderstandings and criticisms.

Momoland JooE

JooE showed up on JTBC’s “The Second World”, which aired on August 30th. “The Second World” is a survival program in which rappers from girl groups compete with each other as vocalists. On the broadcast, JooE completed her first performance perfectly.

After the performance, MC Paul Kim asked JooE, “I heard you have a cheerful and playful personality, but why are you trembling so much?”. In response, JooE answered briefly, “I don’t know”. The then confessed, “I was afraid that people would avoid watching this program because of me. ‘Why is she appearing on the TV?’, I was worried that people would say so”.

Momoland JooE

JooE used to gain huge love for her cheerful image. In particular, the advertisement in which she dances and sings once went viral and JooE even earned the nickname “TokTokTok Girl”. JooE debuted 7 years ago. Now she also suits mature images. Apart from her bright appearance, there is a calmer vibe in her words and actions.

The tears that JooE shed represent her fear. JooE became famous too early and she was involved in many false rumors, which left an unfavorable impression in the eyes of the public.


JooE was embroiled in a school bullying scandal in the past. She was accused of bullying her friends during middle school before her debut. Her company responded firmly and the netizen who posted the school bullying revelation also disappeared. However, this incident damaged JooE’s image badly.

In addition, JooE also suffered face shaming and harsh criticism over her dating rumor. There were many malicious comments saying that JooE had an ugly face by comparing her to other female idols. Those noises ruined the reputation of a girl who worked hard for her dream of becoming an idol. The person pointed out as her lover in the dating rumor turned out to be her friend. As a result, JooE had to endure mental distress due to all kinds of unconfirmed speculations.


JooE is a member of girl group MOMOLAND, which is known for many hit songs, such as “Bboom Bboom”, “BAAM”, and “Banana Chacha”. MOMOLAND currently has only a few activities in Korea. After the withdrawal of members, the girl group spent a long time reorganizing the group then carried out more overseas activities. This is why MOMOLAND is well-received in the global market.

On the other hand, rumors and misunderstandings surrounding the girl group are the reasons they hesitate to be active in the domestic market. However, JooE has now begun to be active again and boldly face the sharp gaze of netizens. Fans are also looking forward to the return of the lovely and cheerful “TokTokTok Girl”.

Source: Daum 

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