MOMOLAND Members Pursue Individual Careers After Disbandment, Fans Hope for Future Comebacks

MOMOLAND is one of the girl groups that have made a significant impact in the K-pop industry. In January 2023, the 6 members decided not to renew their contracts with their management company and announced the official disbandment of the group. This news has left their fans regretful. However, each member is currently focusing on their individual career.

When MOMOLAND disbanded, many people predicted that Nancy would be the most successful member. With her stunning visuals that captivate audiences, she can easily develop in various fields. Currently, Nancy has joined a new management company and has more prominent personal activities than the other members.

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As a solo artist, Nancy is carefully taken care of by her new management company. The 2000-born beauty often travels abroad to attend fashion shows.

Source: OSEN

In addition to Nancy, Jane and Ahin have also begun their activities after MOMOLAND’s disbandment. On the evening of March 17, the two members appeared at Seoul Fashion Week 2023. Their appearance at this event delighted their fans even more. Fans hope that the vocal duo of MOMOLAND will soon find a new home and continue to develop their careers.


Meanwhile, JooE is still enjoying her personal life after MOMOLAND’s disbandment. She spends time taking care of herself and enjoying trips and relaxation after a tense period of artistic activities.

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Currently, Nayun and Hyebin are two members who have not had many prominent activities. The two members are still taking a break after years of hard work. However, fans also hope that Nayun and Hyebin will soon find the right place to further develop their careers.

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