Momo (TWICE) chose 3 ITZY members who are capable of becoming the new generation ‘Dancing Queen’

When it comes to ITZY's dance-line, many people will immediately think of Yeji, Chaeryeong, and Ryujin.  But Momo's choice was a little different.

With skillful and energetic dance moves, Momo (TWICE) was soon recognized as one of the most famous main dancers among the 3rd generation female idols. Since participating in “SIXTEEN” – the survival reality show to select the TWICE lineup, she has been recognized for her ability and has improved more and more during the 6 years of working with the group.

In fact, JYP Entertainment has always been regarded as a company with talented dancers. In particular, in the current 4th generation idol lineup, ITZY is regarded as one of the most admired girl groups for their performance abilities, with four out of five members considered capable of becoming the main dancer even if they were placed in any other girlgroup.

TWICE recently had an interesting interview with YouTube channel 1theK on the occasion of their comeback with the 3rd studio album “Formula of Love: O + T = 3” and the title track “SCIENTIST.” Momo read a comment in this interview claiming that she is the successor to the title “Dancing Queen” of SNSD HyoYeon– one of the best main dancers of the 2nd generation. Momo was then asked who she would give this title to, and it’s not surprising that the TWICE member immediately thought of her dongsaeng in the same company.


Momo’s choice for the title of “Dancing Queen” of the new generation is not only 1 but 3 ITZY members, including Yeji, Chaeryeong and YunaMomo shared, “I would choose Yuna, Yeji, and Chaeryeong. They are all very good in different ways.”

The most surprising thing is that Momo did not choose Ryujin.  Although Yuna also has very good dancing skills, when it comes to ITZY’s dance-line, most Kpop fans tend to think of Yeji, Chaeryeong (main dancer) and Ryujin (lead dancer) first.  In addition, so far, Ryujin has also received many compliments from the online community for her attractive dancing ability.

However, Momo then firmly affirmed that ITZY is really a girl group with excellent performance skills: “All ITZY members dance very well”.

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