Miss Korea Seo Ye-jin had her license revoked due to drunk driving after crashing into a tree

A video of Seo Ye-jin, a former Miss Korea contestant, whose on-site license was revoked due to drunkenness, is spreading online.

Recently, Seo Ye-jin, a former Miss Korea 2018 contestant, is said to have crashed into a tree twice while driving in a drunken state. According to SBS reports, Seo hit a roadside tree twice while driving her car on Yangjaecheon-ro, Gangnam, Seoul. 

As a result of the police’s breathalyzer test, the blood alcohol level was 0.108%, and it is reported that the license was revoked at the scene. According to a video released by SBS that reported this, most of Seo Ye-jin’s Mercedes car airbags were blown, and Seo Ye-jin was intoxicated, unable to walk properly even during a conversation with the police. Seo Ye-jin, who refused the first breath test, shed tears after taking the second breath test.

The Suseo Police Station has booked Seo on suspicion of drunk driving and is planning to investigate it soon. On the other hand, Seo Ye-jin, born in 1997, competed in the 2018 Miss Korea final as a 2018 Miss Seoul Jin and won the prize.

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