Miraculous truth about ITZY: Only 4 promotions but each brings attention to a different member.

After more than 1 year of debut, ITZY has become the group receiving the most attention among the new generation idols. Not only being popular as a group, each member of ITZY is also getting more and more attention thanks to their outstanding looks and skills. Many people believe that JYP plays a big role building a suitable concept for each of them.

ITZY is also the fastest girl group to achieve the first win after debut.

Recently, Korean netizens realized a surprising but extremely magical truth about ITZY, the girl group from JYP Entertainment has had only 4 promotions until now, but each of their debut or comeback brings attention to a different member. The member who was mentioned and praised the most by the audience is constantly changing, specifically as follows:


“ICY” – Yuna

“WANNABE” – Ryujin

“Not Shy” – Chaeryeong

Most of Korean netizens agreed that at every ITZY’s comeback, there is a member who looks more outstanding. For Korean netizens, the special thing about ITZY is that their skills are so excellent and equal that they can flexibly change their styles and each person can easily shine in a promotion.

Meanwhile, ITZY has officially returned with the mini album “Not Shy” and the MV of the title song with the same name last week. In just 1 week, the group has become a hot topic of discussion among Korean netizens because of their excellent live singing ability, high-difficulty choreography perfect performance in the promoting videos of “Not Shy”. ITZY has also promoted their new song on weekly music shows and is expected to record good achievements in this successful promotion.

In your opinion, which ITZY member is the most outstanding member through the group’s debut and comebacks over the past 1 year?

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