Jin’s singing part is cut off in Dynamite EDM remix, fans criticized Big Hit, claimed that BTS has 7 members

At 13 a.m KST on August 24, Big Hit Entertainment released a remixed Acoustic and EDM version of BTS’s global hit song “Dynamite”.

Unfortunately, the EDM version of the song caused controversy, making ARMYs angry because Jin‘s singing part was cut off.

In the original Dynamite song, Jin’s singing begins at the end of the 3rd chorus. The male idol is not allowed to sing much, but his voice does not even appear in the EDM version. Many people also said that because of the sound effects or something, they can’t even hear J-hope‘s voice.

When the new Dynamite MV was released, ARMYs were very disappointed because the members’ singing part and appearance time were not equal, and the most disadvantaged person was Jin. Not only his singing part is very short but he also doesn’t have a solo scene. Therefore, when the male idol’s voice was cut off in the EDM remix version fans were even angrier, claiming that the company unjustly treated BTS. ARMYs trended two hashtag “BTS IS 7” (BTS has 7 members) and “seokjin”, ranking at the first and second position on the worldwide popular hashtag on Twitter.

It is known that the EDM version of the song Dynamite was remixed by DJ Frants. This person also remixed BTS’s song Make It Right. Currently fans are demanding related people to remake this version showing respect for Jin and all members of the group.

Jin is not the only member Big Hit accidentally forgot. Before that, fans were very angry when J-hope’s part was cut off from the VCR video at the MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 ~ THE JOURNEY album promotion concert in Japan, and V disappeared countless times in BTS group products.

Sources: k14

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