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Mino surprises everyone with his changed appearance after only two months

Singer Song Mino draws attention with his skinnier look compared to two months ago.

Song Mino appeared on the April 7th broadcast of MBC’s entertainment program “I Live Alone” and chose clothes for Kian84, who visited his house.

Meeting Song Mino after a long time, Kian84 exclaimed, “You lost some weight, right?”.

Song Mino

Song Mino responded, “Actually, I was very shocked when they suddenly said I got the ‘palm oil free pass’ so I starved myself a little.”

When appearing on the broadcast of “I Live Alone” on February 10th, Song Mino showed a chubby face. Therefore, other members teased him, saying “Your face looks much more comfortable now”, “You get a ‘palm oil free pass’ (‘palm oil team’ includes people who look chubby on “I Live Alone”)’”, etc.

Song Mino

Seeing the scene from the studio, ‘palm oil’ member Lee Jang Woo exclaimed, “Palm oil is good… Why?”, showing a sad expression.

Song Mino is called “Song Dieter” among his acquaintances because he always manages himself thoroughly.

Source: Wikitree

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