Mingyu (SEVENTEEN) directly apologized for Itaewon controversy but was attacked more than Jungkook (BTS)

Mingyu (SEVENTEEN) is the last idol in the 97-line to apologize for gathering in Itaewon during social distancing.

 On May 18, Kpop fans were taken aback when Dispatch suddenly announced 4 Kpop 97-line idols, Jungkook (BTS), Cha Eunwoo (ASTRO), Jaehyun (NCT) and Mingyu (SEVENTEEN) gathered at  Itaewon amid social distancing in Korea. Later, all four agencies, SM, Big Hit, Pledis Entertainment and Fantagio had to officially confirm that the report was real and apologize for their artists’ failure to comply with Government measures to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

After the controversy broke out, Jaehyun and Cha Eunwoo posted a handwritten letter to apologize and somewhat received sympathy from netizens. Nearly a month later, Jungkook also personally apologized via livestream with fans. Out of the 4 idols, only Mingyu is the only one who hasn’t spoken out yet, and today the Seventeen member officially did that.

 At 6pm KST on June 22, Seventeen officially made a comeback with the title song ‘Left & Right’ and the 7th mini album ‘Heng: garæ’.  Also in the afternoon of the same day, the group held an online press conference to announce the comeback at Intercontinental Hotel, Gangnam District, Seoul. Notably, Mingyu took some time to apologize for the Itaewon incident in May.

The male idol shared, ‘‘I want to send a sincere apology for letting people down because of my recent mistake.  I also feel extremely sorry to the fans who always support and love me, and the members who always work hard, and for those who have tried their best to overcome this difficult period. I sincerely apologize. In the future, I will try to show a different side of myself through good deeds and not disappoint you.

According to the media, this apology is said to have somewhat gone against the cheerful atmosphere of a comeback press conference.  However, Mingyu still decided to express his thoughts because the male idol wanted to apologize directly and this was the best time.  Besides, Mingyu in particular and Seventeen in general still showed their enthusiasm to hope that fans will continue to support the group’s comeback.

Previously, other 97-line members, Cha Eunwoo, Jaehyun and Jungkook, after apologizing, all received not too negative reactions from Knetz.  Although there are still criticisms, overall the anger has subsided and most netizens were no longer too harsh on them.  However, it seems that Mingyu is not as lucky even though the male idol’s apology is the most direct and public.

Before Mingyu, Jungkook was a person who also apologized directly and somewhat received forgiveness from Korean netizens.  Even the strictest Knetz on Nate also showed sympathy for the youngest member of BTS and hoped that the male idol could learn a big lesson after this incident.

 However, Mingyu is not so lucky when he is currently receiving many attacks from Knetz because the apology is said to be ‘both late and insincere’ and ‘just wanting to soothe fans to have a successful comeback.’’ The number of negative comments, hating on the male idol is more than the supportive and sympathetic comments.

Here are Knetz’s comments on Mingyu’s apology:

1. Apologizing only now that their album is out

2. So not one word of apology until your album came out?

3. Well that was early

4. What is up with his apology timeline??

5. That was so long ago, why only now?????

6. Anyone who buys their album is proving that they’re dumb

7. But let’s be real, anyone who goes out every weekend doesn’t have the right to hate on him…

10. I’m disappointed as a Seventeen fan… why are you apologizing so late…

11 Well, it’s not like everyone else is staying home anyway. He just got unlucky enough to get caught. I don’t even think this is apology worthy. As long as he didn’t catch the virus, you know?

12. An apology timed for his album release.,I see right through him, he never would’ve apologized if the album didn’t come out

13. As if you’re reflecting for even a tiny bit

14. Didn’t that happen in early May? What is with the timing?

15. He needs the money, guys…

16. Only now? Did he not feel sorry for the people wearing masks in this hot weather right now? The entire nation is suffering together for the greater good but the Itaewon boys thought they were special enough to break away from that… I really hope he’s reflecting.

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