MC Sullyoon showed real reactions when making a mistake during the live broadcast of “Music Core” 

Sullyoon, a member of the girl group NMIXX, made a cute mistake when hosting “Music Core”.

On the May 27th broadcast of MBC’s “Music Core”, IVE, aespa and (G)I-DLE were nominated for the first place trophy. In the end, (G)I-DLE won No.1.


What drew the most attention on the broadcast that day was the cute mistake of the youngest MC Sullyoon

This is because while reading a broadcasting notice on her script, Sullyoon got confused with a word and couldn’t say it properly

Sullyoon said, “By 6 p.m. on the 1st, ‘Music Core’ individual chart… Eh?”. Startled for a few seconds, she immediately continued, “Since the views from individual fancam will be reflected in the chart, please participate in watching them a lot”.


Seeing the moment when Sullyoon mistakenly referred to individual fancam view as individual chart and reacted “Eh?”, fans commented, “She’s so cute”, “How cute”, etc.

In addition, Sullyoon even lowered her head for a while after making the mistake, catching the eyes of fans once again.

Meanwhile, Sullyoon joined as the new MC for “Music Core” in April. Together with the other two MCs, NCT Jungwoo and Stray Kids Lee Know, she has been showing her cheerful charm.

Source: Insight

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