“Mask Girl” filming team did not clean up the garbage on the set… Was the promise a lie?

It is known that the filming team of the drama “Mask Girl”, which caused controversy by leaving garbage at the filming location, is still not cleaning.

Earlier, about the controversy surrounding the filming team, Netflix, the production company of “Mask Girl“, promised, “We will restore it to its original state by the morning of March 23rd.”

Resident A revealed through an online community on March 23rd, “There is still garbage on the set.”

Mask Girl

A criticized, “The white powder remains the same, and there are still many cotton balls and cigarette butts. I wonder if this is the restoration. It was left untouched until 8 o’clock, which was the office-going hour. Recently, many residents frequently ventilate their homes due to COVID-19. It feels very bad to think that they were exposed to this kind of powder in the morning and early morning hours.”

Then A emphasized, “I’m not asking for any compensation. I uploaded the post with the thought that people in my neighborhood should not experience this inconvenience again.”

A shared that Netflix’s explanation was also different from the truth. Previously, Netflix said, “The information related to filming was delivered to the residents and explained verbally.” However, in the actual notice, it was claimed that there was a problem in the delivery process, such as the filming date being written until February 23rd last year.

Mask Girl

A continued, “I was at home for a month due to personal reasons, but unlike the claim that they visited each household and explained verbally, I didn’t hear anything related to it at all.”

In the meantime, A expressed displeasure, “Netflix’s apology is so insincere that it can’t be considered an apology. It only shifts responsibility.”

Meanwhile, “Mask Girl” is a story about ordinary office worker Kim Mo-mi, who has an appearance complex, getting caught up in an unintended incident while working as a BJ with her face covered with a mask every night. Actress Go Hyun-jung will play the role of Kim Mo-mi.

Aside from Go Hyun-jung, other actors such as Ahn Jae-hong and Yeom Hye-ran are scheduled to appear.

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