Many netizens are showing sympathy with the article that said, “What actually gives me goosebumps about FreeZia’s case is…”

Netizens pointed out that criticism against FreeZia, who recently admitted to wearing fake products of luxury brands, such as Chanel, Dior, etc., was too excessive.

On January 22nd, an article titled, “The thing that gives me goosebumps about FreeZia’s case”, was posted on online community Nate Pann. The netizen who wrote this article said, “There are even more articles criticizing FreeZia than criminals. More than being angry, I hated to see FreeZia as a woman who was doing well because she wore fake items. But I think many people are taking advantage of this time to mess up”, pointing out the excessive criticism issue.

FreeZia controversy

They continued, “How could this level of criticism be even higher than the number of criminals? Please know the limit and care for your own life”. Netizens who agreed with the article also commented, “Is everyone trembling because of inferiority complex?”, etc. On the other hand, there were a few opposite opinions, such as “It’s true that FreeZia was wrong, she deserves the criticism”.

FreeZia controversy

Meanwhile, regarding the ‘fake products’ controversy, FreeZia said, “I want to tell everyone honestly about the controversy over fake luxury items on articles. Some parts of the controversy over fake products that people pointed out were true. I’m really sorry about that.”

FreeZia controversy

She then admitted to the controversy and apologized, “I want to apologize once again for all the situations that occurred due to my infringement of designers’ creations and ignorance of copyrights. As a person who dreams of launching my own brand, I will seriously acknowledge my fault and reflect on the controversial parts”.


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