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MAMAMOO Solar and her sister look so much alike but their interior tastes are completely opposite (DNA Mate)

The daily life of MAMAMOO Solar and her sister was revealed on “DNA Mate”.

In the 38th episode of MBC’s entertainment program “DNA Mate”, which aired on October 18th, the warm daily life of MAMAMOO Solar, who lives together with her sister and her pet dog Youngki, was depicted.


On the broadcast, Solar headed to the kitchen wondering whether she should order delivery food from early in the morning. Solar’s older sister was there in the kitchen, and the appearance of the sister, who looks exactly like Solar, drew admiration.


In an interview with the production team, Solar’s sister introduced herself, “I’m Kim Yong-hee, MAMAMOO Solar’s older sister. I’m studying fashion business”. Seeing the video, Kim Jong-eun reacted, “They look so much alike”.


Later, Solar’s house was also revealed, and the neat interior decorated in white tone caught the eyes of the viewers. In particular, the completely different vibes of “maximalist” Solar’s room and her “minimalist” sister’s room attracted keen attention.

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