MAMAMOO announced “good news” after a year (+reason)

Group MAMAMOO will return as a whole after a year.

At 0 o’clock on Sep 27th, the agency RBW released a poster for the 12th mini album “MIC ON” through MAMAMOO‘s official SNS channels.


The released poster showed the name of the new album and the release date “Oct 11th 6 PM”, which excited fans around the world who have been waiting for MAMAMOO’s comeback as a whole.

Accordingly, MAMAMOO will release a new album and make a comeback as a whole after a year since the best album “I SAY MAMAMOO : THE BEST” released in Sep last year to commemorate their 7th debut anniversary.


MAMAMOO’s 12th mini album “MIC ON” contains the meaning of MAMAMOO’s return to work with the microphone turned on. As all four members have been active as solo artists and have made notable moves, fans’ expectations are already high for the synergy that will be demonstrated by the entire team.

In addition, MAMAMOO plans to carry out various activities as a whole, including music programs, to repay fans who have been waiting for their comeback. They will also accelerate preparations for domestic and overseas performances to communicate more closely with fans.


MAMAMOO, which debuted in 2014, has established themselves as a representative K-pop girl group with outstanding singing skills, brilliant performance skills and digestive power regardless of genre.

MAMAMOO received great love for every song they released and earned the modifier “trustworthy MAMAMOO” through the debut song “Mr. Ambiguous”, “Piano Man”, “Um Oh Ah Yeh”, “Decalcomanie”, “Yes I am”, “Starry Night”, “Dingga”, “AYA”, “Where Are We Now”…


MAMAMOO will release their 12th mini album “MIC ON” at 6 PM on Oct 11th then start activities as a whole.

Source: wikitree

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