Male Students Rushed To See BTS’s Jin Upon His Visit To Old High School

BTS member Jin, who was recently discharged from the military, received explosive responses from students at his alma mater

On July 8th, Jin uploaded a mirror selfie on his Instagram wearing a school uniform of his alma mater Boseong Boys’ High School.

bts jin

That day, Jin visited his old high school to film YouTube content. He reportedly had lunch with the students and conducted a special P.E class, leaving many memories at his alma mater.

Later, the students also posted witnesses of Jin in online communities. In particular, there was a video showing the students were so excited that they didn’t know what to do as soon as they saw Jin.

Another video showed the students running toward Jin, creating a funny scene that reminded people of the movie “Train to Busan”. Many of them seemed to be holding papers in their hands to get Jin’s autograph.

Watching every little gesture of Jin, the students kept shouting loudly and cheering for the male idol enthusiastically, saying “You are so cool”, “Hyung I love you!”, etc.

Meanwhile, Jin completed his military service on June 12th. He will be a torchbearer for the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics, which will take place on July 27th. Although details of the event have yet to be disclosed, it is known that Jin will join the torchbearers and deliver the message of harmony and peace.

BTS has continuously spread good influence through their speeches at the UN General Assembly and the ‘Love Yourself’ campaign, which has been carried out in collaboration with the Korean Committee for UNICEF since 2017.

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