Male idol sexually assaulted team member: prosecutors demand harsher sentence

A male idol was sentenced to 3 years of suspended prison on charges of sexual assault, but prosecution believe this sentence to be too light. 

Recently, A, a Kpop male idol and former leader of a 6-member boy group, was revealed to have repeatedly molested a fellow teammate at their dormitory and practice room from 2017 to 2021.

After being taken to court, A was sentenced to 2 years and 6 months of suspended prison (3 years in prison if A commits a repeated offense during probation), and 80 hours of sexual therapy and education. 

However, prosecutors recently revealed that during the elementary trial, they requested a three-year prison sentence for A, but the court only imposed a suspended sentence. Therefore, they appealed, arguing that the aforementioned punishment was too light and unreasonable, considering the severity of A’s crimes. 

Previously, A faced accusations of sexual touching, harassing, and coercing B, a member from the same group, at least 3 times. It is known that A admitted to sexual assault and coercion, but denied charges of rape, and claimed to have no recollection due to alcohol intoxication. A has left the group since the investigation began.

Regarding the case, prosecutors stated, “The defendant repeatedly sexually harassed and molested the victim for a long period, ultimately leading to the victim’s departure from the group. The defendant denies the main charges against him and shows no serious remorse. The appellate court acknowledged that the defendant should receive a more severe punishment.”

Meanwhile, the judge in the elementary trial stated, “Considering the nature of the crime, the number of offenses, and the age of the victims, the defendant’s offense is very serious. However, the verdict was reached after the defendant acknowledged his mistakes and reached an agreement with the victim.”

Source: K Crush

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