Male Idol Admitted He Slept with Middle School Girl, Handwritten Apology

A male idol has published a handwritten apology for his past of having sex with a middle school girl in the past. 

On June 5, Hinata, who participated in the K-pop survival show “Fantasy Boys”, published a handwritten apology in both Korean and Japanese on his Instagram account. 

hinata fantasy boys

In the apology, Hinata admitted to his past controversy of underage sex, stating, “Due to my immaturity, I made people who supported me disappointed and hurt. I was immature and selfish at the time. I want to reflect deeply on my past behavior and sincerely apologize. I have been avoiding facing my past, but it’s my belief that I must confront it to move forward”. 

hinata fantasy boys

Previously, Hinata was alleged of having slept with a middle school girl when he was in high school, which led to his removal from “Fantasy Boys”. 

At the time, Hinata was likely to be around 16-17 years old, while the girl might have falled within the 13-15 years old age range. 

According to the program’s representative at the time, they were able to verify the allegation quickly since Hinata had previously apologized for inappropriate behavior on TikTok. 

Source: Krb, K14, Instagram

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