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“Maknae On Top” Shuhua on (G)I-DLE’s ranking, “I’m first place… Miyeon is last” 

Shuhua and Yuqi of (G)I-DLE guested on this week’s episode of “TMI NEWS SHOW”. 

The May 25th broadcast of Mnet’s idol ranking program “TMI NEWS SHOW” unveiled a chart under the theme of “Young & Rich Celebrities Running on Flower Roads in Expensive Cars.” In this episode, (G)I-DLE’s Yuqi and Shuhua made their guest appearances. The two heated up the atmosphere from the start. Yuqi revealed, “Shuhua is working hard to get her driver’s license these days. The only thing left to do is drive on the road.”

Before the chart reveal, Shuhua and Yuqi did the “TMI Challenge”, the highlight of ‘TMI NEWS SHOW’, and shared various TMIs. In particular, when asked to rank (G)I-DLE members, “Maknae On Top” Shuhua put herself in 1st place, followed by Soyeon in 2nd, Minnie in 3rd, Yuqi in 4th, and the group’s oldest member, Miyeon in 5th. 

Shuhua also surprised everyone by showing off her extraordinary talent in the staring challenge, where participants have to answer questions while not blinking. Shuhua did not blink once within about 5 minutes. She set a new record of not blinking for 4 minutes 59 seconds and ranked 1st in the challenge.

In line with the theme of this week’s episode, young and rich stars who drive expensive luxury cars were also introduced, drawing attention. World-class soccer player Son Heung Min, who is known to own a car collection worth about 2.4 billion won, came out on top. 


Yuqi strengthened her will to make it into the ranking someday, saying, “I feel jealous when I see this. My eyes opened up to ‘Wow, there are cars like this’. I will unconditionally enter the Young & Rich chart.” 

Mnet “TMI NEWS SHOW” airs every Wednesday at 8 PM KST.

Source: Daum

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