Ma Dong-seok will face the Japanese Yakuza in “Crime City 3”, the follow-up movie to “The Roundup”

As “The Roundup” became the first Korean movie to join the ‘10-million’ club since the pandemic, movie fans’ interest in Crime City 3 is also growing.

Ma Dong-seok will face the Japanese Yakuza in “Crime City 3”, the follow-up movie to “The Roundup”

The action movie “The Roundup (Crime City 2)”, starring actors Ma Dong-seok and Son Seok-gu, exceeded 10 million admissions on June 11th. In a recent interview with Hankook Ilbo, director Lee Sang-yong of “The Roundup” revealed that the last casting for “Crime City 3” was in progress. In addition, he confidently said, “We will show you a more lively and interesting story with more spectacular and improved action scenes.”

Crime City 3

According to director Lee Sang-yong, the filming of “Crime City 3” will begin this July. The third part will tell about “monster” detective Ma Seok-do (Ma Dong-seok) and his Geumcheon team wiping out crimes committed by Yakuza in Incheon.

The villain, who has a connection to Yoon Kye-sang and Son Seok-gu’s characters in “The Outlaws (Crime City)” and “The Roundup (Crime City 2)”, has also been decided. It is known that actor Lee Joon-hyuk will appear as Joo Sung-chul, an evil criminal in “Crime City 3”.

Ma Dong-seok

Ma Dong-seok also said he had already prepared to film “Crime City” as a movie series since he filmed the first part and revealed that “Crime City” might have up to 8 movies.

Attention is focused on whether the production team of the “Crime City” series, which began producing the third part as soon as the second movie hit the jackpot, will be able to make another box office hit with “Crime City 3”.

Ma Dong-seok

Meanwhile, “The Roundup” depicts a pleasant crime eradication operation carried out by “monster” detective Ma Dong-seok and his Geumcheon team coming to Vietnam to catch the villain Kang Hae-sang (Son Seok-gu). The running time of “The Roundup” is 106 minutes and it is rated 15+.

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