Ma Dong-seok and Ye Jeong-hwa attend the wedding of Yoon Gye-sang, showing off their strong love

Actor Ma Dong-seok and his lover Ye Jeong-hwa attended the wedding of Yoon Gye-sang, showing their strong affection.

According to a report by Spotv News on Jun 10th, Ma Dong-seok attended actor Yoon Gye-sang’s wedding ceremony at the Shilla Hotel in Jangchung-dong, Seoul, on Jun 9th with his lover Jeong-hwa.

Ma Dong-seok, who appeared at the wedding ceremony in a neat black suit, sat side by side with Jeong-hwa to show his support for the wedding of Yoon Gye-sang. The two even remained at the banquet reception, showing a welcoming greeting with Yoon Gye-sang and his wife. Ma Dong-seok and Yoon Gye-sang have started their special friendship with each other in the movie “The Outlaws.”

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In particular, 1st-generation idol group g.o.d sang the wedding celebration songs, “0%” and “One Candle.” Yoon Kye-sang performed next to the bride. Rumor has it that while singing “One Candle,” Park Joon-hyung hyped Ma Dong-seok up to sing along with him, making everyone laugh heartily.

In addition, at the wedding ceremony, the groom sang “Road” after g.o.d’s songs, giving a deep impression to the bride and their guests. The wedding of Yoon Gye-sang was hosted by singer and actor Rain, and the bride’s best friend, actress Jung Yoo-mi, did the bride side’s congratulatory speech while the groom’s was done by g.o.d’s eldest member, Park Joon-hyung.

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Meanwhile, Ma Dong-seok and Ye Jeong-hwa have been in a public relationship for seven years since 2016. The possibility of a wedding between the two is steadily rising, but it seems to be not easy due to Ma Dong-seok’s tight schedule as he is working hard in planning, production, and starring in both Korea and the U.S. Ma Dong-seok said at the luncheon held at the 2019 Cannes International Film Festival, “I’m going to get married next year,” adding, “I was originally going to do so this year, but my schedule doesn’t allow.” His agency also said, “The couple is still in a good relationship,” adding, “Their wedding plan has not been confirmed in detail.”

In addition, Cha Woo-jin (Ye Dong-woo), Ye Jeong-hwa’s younger brother, caught the attention as he showed his face as a powerful scene-stealer in “The Roundup,” starring Ma Dong-seok. The movie is set to record as the first movie to surpass 10 million since the pandemic. Cha Woo-jin not only started acting activities in Ma Dong-seok’s agency but also participated in the screenplay of part 3 of “The Outlaws” series and continued his strong relationship with Ma Dong-seok, his “brother-in-law-to-be.”

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