Luxury brands YSL and Valentino had to compete to have Rosé as Global Ambassador

BLACKPINK’s Rosé had a vibe so chic, two luxury brands had to fight for her hand. 

The BLACKPINK member Rosé is not just a familiar name in Kpop, but also super sought-after in the fashion world. At the moment, she’s working as the Global Ambassador of Yves Saint Lauren, but little do people know this brand had to compete fiercely to get Rosé.

Yves Saint Lauren and Valentino both wanted Rosé to be their ambassador. 

Even BLINKs (fandom of BLACKPINK) might not have heard of this war, but before working for YSL, Rosé also maintained a close relationship with Valentino. 

Rosé in Valentino and YSL. 
The female idol started working with Valentino pretty early on. 
Rosé boasted her Valentino bag. 

In 2019, Rosé was often spotted in Valentino items, both during official events and in daily life. In November of the same year, the female idol even attended Valentino’s Beijing Haute Couture show, and managed to attract attention with her outstanding visuals and iconic fashion style. 

Rosé attended an important Valentino show back in 2019. 
Her visuals truly shined at this event. 

At this event, Rosé even interacted with many important figures from this luxury brand, including Valentino’s creative director Pierpaola Piccioli, and the brand’s CEO Stefano Sassi. Valentino also posted a lot of pictures of Rosé on their official website and basically showered the female idol in praise. 

Rosé in Valentino clothes before flying to Beijing for the brand’s fashion show. 

Just as Rosé went to Beijing for Valentino, however, on November 7th, 2019, YSL also posted a photo of the idol on their Weibo fanpage. In it was Rosé in full YSL items when she previously departed for Japan on October 17th. 

On the same date, YSL suddenly posted an old photo of Rosé wearing their brand. 

According to many netizens, YSL’s bold move might be to show their love for Rosé, as well as to  challenge Valentino for the idol’s hand. True to their words, just two months later, Rosé was on her way to Paris to film for YSL’s global campaign. 

As a result, in June 2020, Rosé was officially named Saint Lauren’s first Global Ambassador, to the shock of many netizens. The event has truly proven Rosé’s massive influence in the fashion world.

Rosé on her way to Paris to film for YSL’s global campaign. 
The idol’s stunning appearance in the campaign.
Rose Blackpink-Anthony Vaccarello
Rosé alongside the creative director of Saint Lauren. 
Now, she is still the brand’s trusty Global Ambassador. 

Throughout the years, Rosé never failed to amaze as YSL’s first Global Ambassador. Her chic, classy, yet independent vibes seemed as if they were made for this luxury brand. It was no wonder YSL had to fight tooth and nail to have the female idol on their side. 

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