Lovelyz’s Maknae Recalled Witnessing Idols Dating at Idol Star Athletics Championships, “They exchanged notes”

Jung Ye-in from the group Lovelyz, revealed about the dating scene of "Idol Star Athletics Championships"

On June 6th, a video featuring Lovelyz’s maknae (youngest member) Jung Ye-in was posted on Tak Jae-hoon’s YouTube channel “No Back Tak.”

In this video, Jung Ye-in revealed, “We have eight members with similar age. Only two of them are older than me, and the oldest member is six years older.” Jung Ye-in was especially angry when she was asked if Lovelyz was over and said, “Lovelyz is not over. Lovelyz still exists, we only moved to different companies. None of us went to the same company.”

Jeong Ye-in
Jeong Ye-in

When the topic changed to the romance rumors on “Idol Star Athletics Championships,” Jung recalled, “I belived they (idols) were exchanging notes, but we (Lovelyz members) asked each other not to date. Now that we are all old, I hope to date someone soon.” Jung said, “My ideal type is someone who has a sense of humor and a generous heart.

Meanwhile, Ye-In released her new song “I Will Be Your Spring” on May 4th.

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