“Lovely Runner” PD, “Production Cost 20 Billion Won, Kim Hye-yoon Is Young But Her Acting Is Crazy”

“Lovely Runner” director Kim Tae-yeop showed respect for actress Kim Hye-yoon, who played the female lead Im Sol in the drama

On June 11th, the YouTube channel “DUBS” of Dongguk University’s education broadcasting station uploaded a video titled “Detailed drama production story by ‘Lovely Runner’ PD Kim Tae-yeop – Special lecture for journalists at Dongguk University’s Media Center”.

Director Kim Tae-yeop said, “K-content has become so influential. In other words, the K-content industry has grown in size and earned a lot of money. That’s why the risk of failing also increases. As a result, many producers tend to go on the safe way. Then, the inspirations that the writers used to write scripts won’t be achieved”.

lovely runner

Regarding the production cost of “Lovely Runner”, he said, “It cost us 20 billion won. A 16-episode miniseries normally costs this much. That’s a big investment”, adding “If the project fails, it will cause difficulties to many people. Therefore, it should be based on a story that is safe and has a high possibility of becoming successful. Webtoons and web novels often provide stories that have been popular to some extent”.

The director also released an anecdote that happened due to the filming schedule. He said, “We had to film the ending of episode 2 and episode 13 on the same day. I saw someone write this comment, ‘Did they really film the two scenes on the same day? Isn’t Kim Hye-yoon’s acting crazy?’. I felt the same way. Kim Hye-yoon is 15 years younger than me but I really respect her”.

Meanwhile, “Lovely Runner”, starring Kim Hye-yoon and Byun Woo-seok, ended on May 28th and gained huge attention. It ranked No.1 for three consecutive weeks on Good Data’s TV-OTT drama popularity chart. In addition, Byun Woo-seok and Kim Hye-yoon also placed No.1 and No.2 on the chart for drama cast for three weeks in a row, proving their hot popularity.

Moreover, “Lovely Runner” also topped the 2049 rating chart for 7 consecutive weeks and its OST “Sudden Shower” even rose to No.5 on Melon TOP 100 (as of May 24th). After airing episode 10, the drama already accumulated 570 million views and exceeded 94% in real-time viewing rate among all live channels on TVINg, boasting its syndrome-level virality.

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