“Lovely Runner” group viewing event scalped tickets appear, Song Geon-hee is also angry “Don’t buy them”

The cast of "Lovely Runner" organized a special final episode screening event to thank viewers for their love, but over 300 times the ticket price in scalped tickets appeared

Actor Song Geon-hee, who is currently starring in the drama, expressed his anger over the situation.

As the final episode of tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Lovely Runner” (written by Lee Shi-eun, directed by Yoon Jong-ho and Kim Tae-yeop, planned by CJ ENM Studios, produced by Bon Factory) is set to air on May 28th, ticket reservations for the final episode group viewing event began on May 22nd at 6 PM. Each ticket was priced at 1,000 won.

The group viewing will be held at four theaters in CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall, starting at 7:50 PM, featuring a stage greeting from the main cast, including Byeon Woo-seok, Kim Hye-yoon, Song Geon-hee and Lee Seung-hyub, to thank the fans. The final episode will be watched together from 8:50 PM, and all attendees will receive a special postcard set.

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Due to the fan-centered event and the affordable ticket price, there was high interest, but reservations were not easy. The reservation site’s server crashed multiple times from 5 PM, making online reservations impossible. During this time, tickets were sold through kiosks nationwide, leading to security issues. Tickets sold out quickly, and scalped tickets priced 300 to 600 times the original price appeared, causing outrage among fans.

Song Geon-hee, who plays Kim Tae-sung in “Lovely Runner”, expressed his frustration through the private messaging platform Bubble, “Scalpers selling tickets for 150,000 won? This is not right”, “It was just 1,000 KRW, what is this? I’m really angry”, “Don’t buy scalped tickets, got it?” and “There will be a way to handle this. Don’t buy them. They must cancel those tickets.”

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He also addressed his anger during a Bubble live broadcast, clenching his fist and making an X gesture with his hands, urging fans not to buy the scalped tickets.

Song Geon-hee emphasized that the event was organized for devoted viewers at the nominal price of 1,000 won, and urged fans not to purchase scalped tickets. He also mentioned that he, along with Byeon Woo-seok and Kim Hye-yoon, will work hard to create more opportunities to meet fans offline, showing his consideration for the disappointed fans.

Due to the scalping issue upsetting the fans, the actors are also distressed. According to tvN’s initial announcement, each buyer could purchase up to two tickets, and non-members cannot enter as their information cannot be verified. Identity checks will be conducted on-site, and the ticket buyer’s name must match the attendee’s name for admission.

However, it has been revealed through user reviews that a significant number of tickets were sold through kiosks, leading to ongoing fan protests.

Source: daum

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