Lisa’s visuals skyrocketed thanks to a small change with her “10 billion won bangs”

BLACKPINK’s concert in Japan became a sensation due to the stunning transformation of Lisa and another member in the group.

Recently, BLACKPINK Lisa suddenly became the center of attention and caused a stir on social media due to her upgraded visuals at her group’s stop in Japan as part of their BORN PINK World Tour. 

In particular, most of the audience said that Lisa’s remarkable transformation was thanks to two small changes, particularly in her “10 billion-won bang” and her makeup style. The audience also believed that the singer now possessed an “actress-like” beauty, thanks to some other distinctive features that had become clearly visible thanks to these changes. 


At BLACKPINK’s concert in Japan, Lisa has “lifted” her “10-billion won bang”, and revealed sharper facial visuals. 

Fans also noticed a drastic change in Lisa’s makeup style. While she used to prefer bold and red-toned makeup, this time Lisa appeared with a much softer and gentler look. With her long hair reaching her waist, a more delicate makeup style, and bold outfits, Lisa’s beauty was enhanced.

Fans have always looked forward to seeing the female idol lift her bangs during concerts, and finally, she fulfilled the wishes of fans.


Every time Lisa unveiled her “10 billion-won bangs” in the past, she caused a sensation. It is known that Lisa often opted for a blunt bang hairstyle, which added a sharp yet youthful edge to her appearance. 


However, the audience also loves an enchanting and elegant Lisa when she reveals her forehead.


Not only Lisa but also Jennie caused a frenzy on the internet when she appeared with simple, loose hair, minimal makeup, and, of course, a bold performance on stage. 

Source: k14, Naver, Pann

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