“Lisa’s lookalike” Japanese actress Nana Komatsu turns out to be the model in G-Dragon’s past photoshoot

Japanese actress Nana Komatsu visited Korea to promote her new movie and made hot topics for resembling BLACKPINK Lisa.

On the morning of June 5th, a press conference for the movie “The Last 10 Years” (directed by Michihito Fujii) was held at CGV Yongsan I-Park Mall in Seoul, Korea. At the event, Nana Komatsu smiled brightly at the camera showing off her cute and pure charm.


Seeing press photos of Nana Komatsu, many people point out that the Japanese actress looks like BLACKPINK member Lisa from certain angles. In addition, Nana Komatsu also had another relationship with YG Entertainment artists. In 2016, she shot a pictorial with BIG BANG G-Dragon and made her face known to Korean fans as a representative Japanese model and actress. Returning to Korea for the movie promotion this time, Nana Komatsu once again made headlines.

Nana Komatsu gdragon
Nana Komatsu Gdragon

The movie “The Last 10 Years”, starring Nana Komatsu, is already out in the cinema. It centers around Matsuri, who is diagnosed with an incurable disease at the age of 20, and Kazuto, who has lost his will to live. The movie depicts the two’s love story and the dazzling four seasons. Nana Komatsu and Kentaro Sakaguchi, who play the main characters in the movie, will meet Korean fans through press conferences and stage greetings as part of the promotional activities.

Earlier in 2021, Nana Komatsu surprised everyone when she suddenly announced her marriage with Masaki Suda, who is three years older than her. The two worked together for the first time in the movie “Destruction Babies” in 2016. Later, they collaborated on two more projects, “Drowning Love”  and “Threads: Our Tapestry of Love”.

Source: Nate

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