Lisa (BLACKPINK) “now” and “then”: The dancer’s childhood photos prove a visual and prestige that only flourish with time 

Lisa’s childhood pictures show an innate talent and beauty. 

Lisa is a Thai idol loved by the public.

November 2022 is the highlight of Lisa’s career. In music, she consecutively won two “Best K-pop” awards at the “MTV VMAs” and “MTV EMAs”. She was the first Thai solo artist to achieve this remarkable feat. 

blackpink lisa
Lisa won “Best K-pop” at the “MTV VMAs”. (Image: Twitter @selisasource)
blackpink lisa
She continued her streak with her win at the MTV EMAs. (Image: Twitter @slays_world)

Lisa taking the cup at the “MTV VMAs” soon became a sensation and was on the front page of the Swedish newspaper “Junior”. Coincidentally, in 2007, Lisa also arrived at the cover for winning a dance competition. 

blackpink lisa
Lisa radiated the moment she received the award at the “MTV VMAs” and was on the front page of the Swedish newspaper “Junior”. (Image: Pinterest) 
blackpink lisa childhood
In 2007, she also got to the cover of “Junior” for winning first place at a dance contest. (Image: Junior) 

In the two images, Lisa does not seem too different despite the age gap while still growing in talent. Her natural beauty from then to now is attracting attention. 

blackpink lisa childhood
Lisa was caught in suspicion of changing her appearance. (Image: Pinterest) 
blackpink lisa childhood
However, her childhood photos prove otherwise. (Image: Pinterest) 

Lisa’s pictures of the old days are easily recognizable. The younger self shares the wide deer eyes, her nose grows taller and her forehead soon blends with other features of the idol. The smile almost never changes through the years. 

blackpink lisa childhood
Lisa has had wide round eyes since she was a child. (Image: Allkpop)
blackpink lisa childhood
Her smile stays the same through the years. (Image: Allkpop) 

Her height was impressive since childhood, with old photos often compared to the gorgeousness of “Miss Thailand”. As an idol, her physique never fails to stun fans and the wider public. Her body can easily take on any outfit. 

blackpink lisa childhood
Lisa’s proportion when she was little. (Image: Pinterest) 
The dancer stands out in many events with a proportionate figure. (Image: iMBC)

As a K-pop artist under YG Entertainment, Lisa always experiments with different images to suit the concept BLACKPINK was going for. She gradually takes on bolder and more provocative looks. 

blackpink lisa
As a more experienced artist, Lisa radiates a more mature and attractive charm. (Image: Instagram @lalalalisa_m)
blackpink lisa
Her various images rarely make her blend in with the crowd. (Image: Instagram @lalalalisa_m)
Lisa’s career is flourishing in different fields. (Image: Instagram @lalalalisa_m)

Source: Yan News

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