Lisa (BLACKPINK) has received great attention with her birthday photo

Lisa (BLACKPINK) has officially turned 24 today (March 27).

Today (March 27) is the 24th birthday of BLACKPINK’s maknae – Lisa.  On this day, Lisa took a birthday photo with a super big cake received from high-end cosmetics company M.A.C.  Immediately, this photo received great attention on social networks, all because of Lisa’s beautiful and attractive visual.

In this photo, Lisa shows off her sweet beauty.  The “international sister” has now reached her peak of beauty.  Also in this photo, the BLACKPINK rapper also shows off her feminine and gentle beauty with a pink dress, which is far from her cool look as usual. Most notably, the BLACKPINK member has lifted her bangs, fully showing off her beautiful, doll-like face. 

Netizens left many compliments to Lisa on her birthday: “Lisa is more and more beautiful and seductive.  Happy Birthday!”, “She looks like a barbie doll”, “She has reached the peak of her beauty”…

At the age of 24, indeed, the female idol from Thailand becomes even more beautiful.  Often known for her cool look, Lisa has now become feminine and gentle.  She also fully showed off her bright face, harmonious five senses, and outstanding charisma.

Rich like Lisa (BLACKPINK)

Source: Instagram, Weibo

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