“Link: Eat, Love, Kill” passed the halfway point… 3 attractive points to pay attention to in the second half

#Yeo Jin-goo X Moon Ga-young, can their agonizing romance fully bloom?

While viewers’ expectations and interest are focused on when the romance between chef Eun Gye-hoon (Yeo Jin-goo) and trainee Noh Da-hyun (Moon Ga-young) will begin, episode 8 showed Eun Gye-hoon’s change of mind, signaling signs of a two-way romance.

Link Eat, Love, Kill

However, the sincere hearts of Noh Da-hyun, who starts to push Eun Gye-hoon away when her affection for him grows deeper because she is worried about becoming the target of stalker Lee Jin-geun (Shin Jae-hwi), and Eun Gye-hoon, who settles in her heart, intersect at an ironic timing, causing regret. Therefore, it is urgent to share sincerity after sharing emotions. It is noteworthy whether their agonizing romance can fully bloom in the second half.

#Why does Noh Da-hyun have no childhood memories?

At the end of episode 8, Noh Da-hyun realized that Eun Gye-hoon, Ji Won-tak (Song Deok-ho), Lee Jin-geun and Eun Gye-young were all Jihwa-dong children who lived in the same neighborhood. Eun Gye-hoon, who has been living in remorse after losing his younger sister in Jihwa-dong, Ji Won-tak, who received finger-pointing as the “son of a murderer”, and Lee Jin-geun, who knows the truth of that day, are all living their current lives directly or indirectly affected by Eun Gye-young’s disappearance.

Link Eat, Love, Kill

However, only Noh Da-hyun does not remember the disappearance that everyone knows. Even her mother and grandmother’s faces changed when they heard the name “Eun Gye-hoon”. Viewers are curious why memories of elementary school days were erased, including the disappearance case. In addition, Noh Da-hyun, who previously told Lee Eun-jeong (Lee Bom) that she had little memory due to a head injury when she was young, belatedly realized that she was in the same class as Eun Gye-young and gradually recalled her childhood memories, drawing attention to the fact that will be revealed through her memories.

#Han Eui-chan’s alibi and suspicious Jihwa-dong residents’ story on the day of the incident

The disappearance of Eun Gye-young in Jihwa-dong 18 years ago was an unsolved case that failed to catch the criminal. At that time, Eun Gye-young’s piano teacher and Ji Won-tak’s father, Han Eui-chan (Lee Gyu-hoe), was identified as the prime suspect, but was soon released due to insufficient evidence. However, once the stigma is imprinted, it does not disappear easily. Some people are still living as sinners although they are not. They are still convinced that he is the real culprit.

Link Eat, Love, Kill

However, it is questionable what kind of memory Eun Gye-young’s disappearance is for the residents of Jihwa-dong, who are causing a stir just by the news that Eun Gye-hoon is back. In the second half, Han Eui-chan’s alibi and suspicious Jihwa-dong residents’ story on the day of the incident will be revealed. Viewers are curious about the full story of Eun Gye-young’s disappearance, which will be filled with shocks and twists.

Link Eat, Love, Kill

tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Link: Eat, Love, Kill” will visit viewers with episode 9 at 10:30 PM on July 4th.

Source: Daum

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