“Like Song Hye-kyo and Rosé” Their pets are also fashionable… A pet sofa alone is 11.8 million won?

BLACKPINK Rosé’s dog Hank is Saint Laurent, actress Song Hye-kyo’s dog Ruby is FENDI.

The era of pets wearing “luxury outfits” has come. Luxury fashion brands are entering the pet fashion market in earnest.

Song Hye Kyo Rose

This is because more and more people are paying attention to the fashion of their pets as the number of “Pet+Family” who treat animals like family members is increasing. Stars such as BLACKPINK Rosé and actress Song Hye-kyo, who are loved by fans around the world, are no exception.

Rosé, who adopted the abandoned dog Hank 2 years ago and welcomed him into her family, drew attention by dressing Hank in the costume of Saint Laurent, the fashion brand she is working for as an ambassador.

Rose Blackpink

Earlier, Rosé’s dog Hank was spotted using luxury pet supplies released in 2020 by Saint Laurent, including a moving cabinet made of calfskin costing over 5 million won, a leather necklace worth 530,000 won, a leather collar worth 340,000 won and a marble rice bowl worth 800,000 won.

Last year, Song Hye-kyo received a luxury coat and a moving cabinet for her dog Ruby from FENDI, where she is working as an ambassador.

Song Hye Kyo

The leather-based moving cabinet was $2,650 (about 3.44 million won) and the coat was $470 (about 610,000 won), which was as expensive as human clothes.

“Pets’ clothes are on the same level as their moms and dads’ ones”… Similar look

SHINee Key, actors Lee Sun-bin, Ki Eun-se and singer Dawn presented “luxury fashion” alongside their dogs. It was an event to announce the “Valentino Garavani Rockstud Pet” collection held on June 10th. On this day, Valentino introduced a stylish pet collection featuring the brand’s unique rockstud decorations such as a 500,000 won studded leather collar and a 550,000 won waste bag.

Key Lee Sun Bin

The stars who appeared at the event showcased looks that matched Valentino’s items. Their dogs also exuded stylishness with the “Valentino Garavani Rockstud Pet” collection. Stars caught the eye as they showed a kind of “similar look” with their dogs.

Ki Eun Se Dawn

A custom-made sofa for dogs from Gucci that costs 10 million won

Fashion brand Gucci also released a “pet collection” consisting of various pet products on June 29th. The collection included basic accessories decorated with Gucci’s interlocking G logo such as necklaces, harnesses, leashes as well as custom-made sofas, rice bowls, covers, and mats for pets.


Gucci used the Demetra materials, which is manufactured using non-animal raw materials developed by the brand itself, for this pet collection. The material is characterized by its softness and durability. The price for Gucci’s pet clothings varies, including 360,000 won for basic cotton T-shirts, 760,000 won for knit sweaters, and 1.33 million won worth of coats made of leather with Gucci logo patterns. The mat placed under the rice bowl is 470,000 won, the rice bowl is 900,000 won to 930,000 won, and the carrier that can be used for pet travel is 4.9 million won.

The most expensive product in the Gucci Pet Collection is a sofa-type bed for pets made of colorful cotton materials, priced at 11.8 million won. It is 80cm long, 45cm tall, and 45cm wide, and is a furniture designed to allow pets to rest on top. 

Pet “luxury” fashion is becoming more and more diverse

There are a lot more luxury fashion brands that have introduced a pet collection in addition to Saint Laurent, Valentino, and Gucci.

Hermes, a French luxury brand called the “luxury of luxury goods,” has launched a variety of pet products, including a kennel worth 3.6 million won, eating bowl worth 1.5 million won, and a leash worth 1 million won. Prada has also released a variety of pet clothes, including 590,000 won raincoats and 830,000 won hood coats  for dogs, as well as pet necklaces and leash for dogs worth 300,000 to 600,000 won. Louis Vuitton has also introduced a variety of pet products, including a kennel with a monogram pattern of around 4 million won.


According to the Korea Rural Economic Research Institute, the domestic pet market has increased from 1.9 trillion won in 2015 to 3.4 trillion won in 2020, and is expected to expand to 6 trillion won in 2027.


The “Pet Flex” craze is expected to continue as more and more people spend money on pet products, ranging from those who decided not to have children and adopt pets instead to the elderly who want to spend more time with pets.

Source: NewsMT

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