“Like a doll”…aespa Ningning’s new makeup method after returning to real world

aespa Ningning’s new makeup method received hot responses.

aespa released their third mini album “MY WORLD” on May 8th. It has been about 10 months since the release of “Girls” in July last year.

In particular, the album is attracting attention as the first new album released by SM Entertainment after former executive producer Lee Soo Man left the company. aespa had been maintaining the worldview of fighting against “Black Mamba” in the unknown world “Kwangya”, but they returned to the real world and opened a new beginning through this album.


The members also transformed into new styles to match the new concept. In particular, Ningning‘s change is heating up the Internet. Ningning had been sticking to the makeup that emphasizes eye line and eyelashes to digest the “Kwangya” concept. This comeback eliminated this emphasis and highlighted natural charm.

aespa ningning
aespa ningning

Fans showed positive responses such as “It’s much better“, “She looks brighter“, “Like a doll“, “Feeling more innocent“…

aespa ningning

Earlier, Ningning talked about the new album’s title song “Spicy”, “It’s a type of song that we’ve never done before. ‘Spicy’ lets you see a different side of aespa, so I personally like it the most among the songs in the album. We’ve done a lot of songs with combative feelings. Starting with ‘Spicy’, we’ll try various types of song.”

aespa is a 4-member girl group under SM Entertainment that debuted in November 2020. They were loved for hit songs such as “Black Mamba”, “Next Level”, “Savage” and “Illusion”.

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