Lim Ji Yeon Shares Thoughts on Transforming from a Bully in “The Glory” to a Domestic Violence Victim in “Lies Hidden in My Garden”

Lim Ji Yeon heralds an intense acting transformation in her upcoming drama “Lies Hidden in My Garden”.

Based on a popular novel of the same name, Genie TV’s original series “Lies Hidden in My Garden” (directed by Jung Ji Hyun/ written by Gianni), which will premiere on June 19th, is a suspense thriller about two women who live completely different lives meeting each other due to a suspicious smell in the backyard. It stars Kim Tae Hee, Lim Ji Yeon, Kim Sung Oh, and Choi Jae Rim.


Lim Ji Yeon takes on the role of Chu Sang Eun, a woman who dreams of escaping from her miserable reality, and will show a different image from the character Park Yeon Jin in her previous work “The Glory”.

At the press conference, Lim Ji Yeon also explained why she decided to join this project, saying “I read the scenario of the original novel and was really into it. Perhaps I wouldn’t have participated in the project if it weren’t for Chu Sang Eun. I was impressed by the common things between the two women, and I also wanted to live the life of a woman with such a life as an actress. Also, I was curious about what would happen while reading the scenario”.


In the drama, Chu Sang Eun is a completely opposite character to Park Yeon Jin, the school violence perpetrator played by Lim Ji Yeon in “The Glory”. In this regard, Lim Ji Yeon shared, “It was a character I wanted to act so much while reading the script. I believed that it would be another challenge for me as an actress. I decided on this drama even before my previous work was released, but the two contrasting characters came out continuously. Rather than feeling like erasing my previous character, I’m excited as I can convey new aspects to the viewers.”

Regarding her character Chu Sang Eun, Lim Ji Yeon said, “Rather than arousing empathy, this is the kind of person you can see somewhere around you. I thought, ‘It would not be easy to act this character”, adding “I wanted to try portraying the raw appearance of me as Lim Ji Yeon. I wondered how it would be to play this woman who lacks colors or emotions, reaching the peak of her emotional emptiness. I even stood in front of the camera without makeup, just as I am. The abstracts in the original novel and drama script had a slightly different feeling, so I came up with the idea of finding something more in line with Lim Ji Yeon’s style that readers of the original novel can imagine. Even if I didn’t act, the abstractness within me naturally showed on my face. It was challenging because my character doesn’t show many facial expressions and the atmosphere was very dark. However, knowing that the character is an absolute victim, I was both excited and curious to see how such a person, who desperately struggles and tries to break free, would turn out.”


Lim Ji Yeon also mentioned her meeting with Kim Tae Hee, saying, “I had the opportunity to work with sister Tae Hee for the first time in this project, and it was a really great experience. I’ve always wanted to meet her in a project, so I was thrilled to hear the news of us working together.”

“Sister treated me so comfortably, and our acting chemistry was also great, which allowed me to portray Sang Eun well. Please look forward to our perfect collaboration,” the actress also added.

Then, Lim Ji Yeon expressed her fan spirit towards Director Jung Ji Hyun. “I was a fan who really enjoyed the director’s previous works. In this project as well, he paid attention to details and showed his artistic directing skills”, the actress confessed, adding, “Whenever I had concerns about how to portray Chu Sang Eun, the director was meticulous and helped me a lot. That’s why I feel like I was able to depict Chu Sang Eun in a more vivid way.”


Finally, Lim Ji Yeon commented, “‘Lies Hidden in My Garden’ is a suspenseful thriller where two women who lived completely different lives meet and unfold their story. I think the unpredictable chemistry between the two women and the solid storyline filled with twists and turns are the highlights to watch of this drama. If you pay attention to what unfolds for Chu Sang Eun and Moon Joo Ran, you will be able to truly feel the charm of ‘Lies Hidden in My Garden’.”

She also concluded by saying, “I’m excited to greet you all through a genre of drama you haven’t seen me do before and with a new character that I haven’t shown before. I hope you have high expectations for ‘Lies Hidden in My Garden’, which tells an unpredictable story.”

Source: Naver

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