Lee Sung Kyung said she’s mistaken for a “power extrovert”, “I’m often calm and quiet”

Actress Lee Sung Kyung talked about her real personality.

On May 1st, Harper’s BAZAAR Korea uploaded a new video titled “An interview of Lee Sung Kyung, who is busy living the life of Cha Eun Jae at Doldam Hospital”.

Receiving the question, “MBTI for actors in ‘Call It Love’ are speculated to be all I besides you. Do you have any episode for being E (extroverted) among extreme I (introverts)?”, Lee Sung Kyung expressed her unfairness, saying “Everyone was I so I looked like extreme E! Power E! I was misunderstood. I am often calm and quiet”.

She emphasized, “But Bang Sung Jun and Kim Young Kwang just smile quietly whenever we talk. I cannot be the one who just keeps talking. It was very hard. At least, our beloved Kim Ye Won… Ye Won was a radio DJ so she helped me through talking around. Hani is also I. While there was talented I, Sung Jun and Kim Young Kwang become shy I for doing interviews. I was not mad but I just didn’t know what to do. They are extreme I. I’m not extreme E, although I’m outgoing.”

Meanwhile, Lee Sung Kyung acted alongside Kim Young Kwang, Sung Jun, Hani, and Kim Ye Won in Disney+’s drama “Call It Love”, which was released on February 22nd. She stars in SBS’s ongoing “Dr. Romantic 3”, which aired its first episode on April 28th.

Source: Daum

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