Lee Soo-geun, “Lee Seung-gi has become so famous but he doesn’t contact me”… Kang Ho-dong, “He calls me often”

Comedian Lee Soo-geun expressed his disappointment in his “close brother” Lee Seung-gi. 

Lee Soo-geun appeared on Naver NOW’s web entertainment show “걍나와”, which was released on July 6th, and recalled his memories with Lee Seung-gi.

Kang Ho-dong, who appeared together with him in KBS2’s “2 Days 1 Night Season 1”, said, “Lee Seung-gi’s popularity at that time was amazing”.

“Seung-gi was really famous. Sometimes he did look a little arrogant. I think he has become a lot calmer now”, Lee Soo-geun began to “expose” Lee Seung-gi.

lee soo geun

He confessed, “I thought he would call sometimes and say things like ‘I miss you’, but he has never done that. I wondered if he was a cold-hearted person. I miss him sometimes but he would never contact me unless there is something related to broadcasts. I consider him a younger brother but I wonder what he thinks of me. I really want to know what a person I am to Seung-gi.”

Upon hearing that, Kang Ho-dong said, “I think he doesn’t have time since he’s busy with drama schedules. You should understand his situation”, adding “He actually contacts me quite often”.

lee soo geun

Lee Soo-geun said, “I can’t understand anymore. Why didn’t he press my number once every time he called Ho-dong hyung? Was something too difficult to do? What did I do wrong to you? Since we’re close to each other, I think I can say that”.

He continued, “We even use this method, Lee Seung-gi will have to appear on this show, right? I hope he comes here and explains these misunderstandings”. Kang Ho-dong agreed, “We should give Seung-gi a chance to speak up by himself”, drawing laughter.

lee soo geun

Lastly, Lee Soo-geun said, “Seung-gi ah, when you get married or achieve something, watch this. Who else will congratulate you a lot like us?”, adding, “Please show up on this show once”, making everyone laugh so hard with his video letter to Lee Seung-gi. 

Source: dispatch

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