Lee Seung Gi once cried while thanking HOOK’s CEO, who didn’t pay him for 18 years, when receiving an award

Netizens brought up Lee Seung Gi’s acceptance speech in the past after reading the recent revelation from Dispatch.

On November 21st, Dispatch exclusively reported that Lee Seung Gi has yet to receive any payments for his music releases, which are 137 songs and 27 albums, from HOOK Entertainment, where he has been working for 18 years.  

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Lee Seung Gi, who couldn’t stand this unfairness anymore, sent a content certification to his company demanding details of his music revenue be disclosed. 

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However, what the actor received was an abusive comment from CEO Kwon of HOOK. Therefore, Lee Seung Gi said to HOOK’s director A on November 17th, “I heard CEO Kwon Jin Young was angry to the point that he swore on his name and life that he would kill me. It’s been a year but my request for payment statements is still left unanswered. I’m just doing my rights according to the laws, so how could he threaten me like that? I should take courage and do something so that my people and myself won’t be ignored anymore. If I can’t be a celebrity anymore due to CEO Kwon’s slander and threats, I guess it’s also my destiny”.

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In fact, Lee Seung Gi trusted and followed CEO Kwon from his debut days. He even expressed his gratitude to him by directly mentioning his name when receiving an award.

Winning Daesang (Grand Prize) at SBS Entertainment Awards in 2018, Lee Seung Gi took the stage and thanked CEO Kwon. 

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At that time, he said, “CEO Kwon Jin Young of HOOK Entertainment recruited me when I was a high school student and helped me make my debut as a singer.”

Lee Seung Gi continued, “When I first started doing entertainment shows, I was scared and frustrated but the CEO told me, ‘You can do it’. He told me that there would be a moment when I can make a crossover as a singer and an entertainer after doing activities for 10 years”. He added, “I would like to give this honor to him because he let me choose ‘Master in the House’”.

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At the news of Lee Seung Gi and CEO Kwon, who used to boast a strong relationship, being in a crisis of a legal dispute, netizens poured out reactions, such as “What’s going on?”, “This betrayal is no joke”, etc. 

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