Lee Seung Gi “I’ve had psychiatric treatment”… Lawyer “There’s room for fraud to be established”

Experts in each field expressed their opinions on the controversy over Lee Seung Gi’s agency’s music revenue settlement.

This week’s entertainment news was delivered on KBS2’s entertainment program “Entertainment company Live”, which aired on Dec 8th.

News about the controversy over Lee Seung Gi‘s agency’s music revenue settlement was reported. Lee Seung Gi has caused a huge impact as he has released 137 songs over the past 18 years.

Lee seung gi

Yoo Jae Jin, director of the Recording Industry Association of Korea, said, “Copyright fees for copyright holders, singers and performers are distributed very transparently and fairly through copyright organizations. This case is a problematic issue as Hook Entertainment failed to comply with the revenue distribution agreement, which deducted certain expenses from the settlement money surrounding Lee Seung Gi’s albums.

Lee Seung-gi

In the past, Lee Seung Gi confessed on a program, “I’ve had psychiatric treatment. The production team of “Entertainment company Live” visited a lawyer and asked for an opinion on the legal matter of the controversy.

The lawyer said, “The important issue is whether the music revenue was distributed according to the contract. However, it’s now known that Lee Seung Gi didn’t receive accurate settlement data. Regarding the music revenue settlement, there’s room for fraud to be established. If they use a corporate card personally, they’ll be charged with breach of duty.

Lee seung gi

Meanwhile, “Entertainment company Live” is a program that meets numerous stars and cultural artists who lead Korea’s popular culture, talks in depth as well as presents the right information and direction.

Source: Nate

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