Lee Seung Gi appears in Lee Hong Ki’s Vlog with a bright face after suffering a hard time 

F.T. Island member Lee Hong Ki accidentally met actor Lee Seung Gi at the gym.

Lee Hong Ki’s official Youtube channel recently uploaded a new video titled “F.T. Island Lee Hong Ki’s working out VLOG. Revealing workout routine! (feat. Lee Seung Gi)”.

The video showed Lee Seung Gi at a gym. He said, “Min Hwan suddenly told me, ‘Let’s build up our bodies and take a body profile shoot together. Let’s become cooler’. He made me feel like I have to do it seriously”, adding “That’s why I’ve decided to work out”.

Lee Hong Ki said, “It’s been a month since I started working out. I think I need to rebuild my body”.

After working out enthusiastically, Lee Hong Ki was surprised at Lee Seung Gi’s sudden appearance. When Lee Hong Ki asked, “Hyung, what are you doing here?”, Lee Seung Gi replied, “I came to exercise”.


Lee Seung Gi asked back, “Why are you here? It’s my first time seeing you here”, adding “Are you trying to show me this? I’ve never seen you work out before”, drawing laughter.

Lee Hong Ki raised his voice, saying “Hyung, I’ve been here since my debut”. As Lee Seung Gi continued to tease, “Didn’t you just register today?”, Lee Hong Ki said, “Go away quickly, please”. Lee Seung Gi burst into laughter, saying “What are you saying that? I need to work out, too”.

Lee Seung Gi didn’t stop teasing Lee Hong Ki. He said, “Your body would hurt if you suddenly work out after taking a break for 3 years”, “Aren’t you resting? You should continue resting”, “Out of what you’ve shown me, this one is really the No.1”, etc.


In the meantime, Lee Hong Ki asked, “Hyung, has your drama ended?”. Lee Seung Gi replied, “The movie was out”. Lee Hong Ki continued to ask, “Why are you so busy?”, but Lee Seung Gi didn’t answer.

Lee Hong Ki continued, “Can I do a cover of your song later?”, adding “The song ‘Delete’.” Lee Seung Gi responded, “Sounds great”, adding “Talk to Jae Sang hyung. I think he will like it”. 

Lastly, Lee Hong Ki asked, “Seung Gi hyung, can I use the recording of you today for a video?”. Lee Seung Gi said, “Just use it if you want”, adding “But for free?”. Lee Hong Ki kindly replied, “I’ll treat you to a course meal”.

Source: Nate

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