Lee Se Young reveals she once went to a local’s house to help them catch a rat 

Lee Se Young showed off her easygoing charm in a new YouTube content posted by her agency. 

On August 4th, a video of Lee Se Young honestly answering fans’ questions was posted on the official YouTube channel of her agency, Prain TPC.

When asked “Have you ever traded goods on Karrot market?”, Lee Se Young answered, “Yes.” Karrot Market is a popular Korean trading app where users can buy and sell used items with people who live close to them. 

Lee Se Young then made a surprising confession that once when she found a local resident on Karrot Market asking for help because there was a rat under their washing machine and they couldn’t sleep, she went to their house and helped them catch it. She even brought her cat Ari to see if it could catch the rat. 

Despite being a famous actor who makes banks, Lee Se Young also likes using second-hand trading apps. She revealed that she bought her sofa on Karrot Market. 

Throughout the video, Lee Se Young shows off her unadorned appearance and radiates pleasant energy. 

When asked if she could do 700 squats, she laughed awkwardly and said, “I used to do up to 1,000 squats, but now I don’t do it anymore, so my pants no longer fit.”

Lee Se Young also revealed her ideal type. She said she likes a person who is good at self-management and his main job. She doesn’t care much about appearance.

Meanwhile, Lee Se Young is about to make a small-screen comeback with the lead role in KBS2’s ‘The Law Cafe’ alongside Lee Seung Gi. The drama is scheduled to air this September. 

Source: insight

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