Lee Jung Jae reveals friendship with Jennie and V, met at a private gathering

Famous “Squid Game” actor Lee Jung Jae discussed an interesting episode he had with V, a member of BTS. 

On February 14th, media outlet Ilgan Sports published an interview with actor Lee Jung Jae, who has been filming for Disney’s Star Wars series “Acolyte” since the beginning of 2023. 

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In this interview, Lee Jung Jae mentioned an episode with BTS V, saying, “I met V of BTS by chance at a private gathering. He has a very good personality, and we also exchanged phone numbers. His single was about half-finished, and he played it for me. Not only was he attractive in appearance, but his personality was also charming. I understand why he is loved so much around the world.”

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Back in August of last year, Lee Jung Jae drew attention by posting a selfie taken with V on his SNS account. In the published photo, Lee Jung Jae and V boasted their warm smiles and unrivaled visuals. At the time, the image received explosive reactions from fans all over the world, who were enthusiastic about the meeting of the two world stars who are top-class in Korea.

On the other hand, Lee Jung Jae previously attended the LACMA Art + Film Gala held in Los Angeles, USA. Here, the actor posted a picture with BLACKPINK Jennie and revealed their friendship. In addition, Lee Jung Jae also flaunted this tight friendship by mentioning a gift he received from Jennie.

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Furthermore, Jennie once mentioned her special friendship with Lee Jung Jae on JTBC’s “Knowing Bros”,and shared the reason they became close. In particular, the BLACKPINK member said that her mother was a huge fan of Lee Jung Jae, and Lee Jung Jae played the role of “Jae Hee” in the famous drama “Sandglass”. Jennie’s mother wanted to name her child “Jae Hee” if she had a son, but later came up with the name “Jennie”, which sounded similar, for her daughter. 


Meanwhile, Lee Jung Jae’s hit series “Squid Game”, which enjoyed worldwide popularity and became the highest-grossing work in Netflix history, will return with Season 2 in 2024.

Source: Nate, Ilgan Sports 

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