Lee Jung-jae On His Popularity After ‘Squid Game’ “I can’t walk around, the best benefit is at restaurants”

Actor Lee Jung-jae mentioned his popularity abroad after appearing in "Squid Game."

On June 17, a video featuring Lee Jung-jae was released on the YouTube channel “Zzan Bro” run by comedian Shin Dong-yeop.

In this video, Shin Dong-yeop asked Lee Jung-jae, “In the past, you could still rest comfortably when going abroad, but people recognize you more after ‘Squid Game’, right?”

Lee Jung-jae said, “There are pros and cons. It’s not easy for me to walk around. Still, the best thing about being a celebrity is that you get the most benefits at restaurants. Free dessert, free appetizer. When I got that from overseas, I realized I became famous.”

“The service I receive overseas feels different (from the one in Korea). I want to try enjoying it,” Lee said.

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