Lee Jun-ho won Best Male Actor at the 2022 Brand Customer Loyalty Awards

Actor and 2PM’s member Lee Jun-ho was announced as the winner in the Male Actor category at the 2022 Brand Customer Loyalty Awards, proving his hot popularity.

According to the award results announced by the Korea Consumer Forum, which hosted and organized the “Brand Customer Loyalty Awards”, on May 4th, Lee Jun-ho was selected as the No.1 brand in the Public Figure and Culture section’s Male Actor category of the 2022 Brand Customer Loyalty Awards.

The “Brand Customer Loyalty Awards” marks its 7th anniversary this year. It is an annual event to select and honor the most influential brands in the society and popular culture field through a survey conducted on consumers in the whole nation. It is more meaningful since candidates are chosen based on news and media reports, broadcasting programs, SNS activities, etc., and the final winners are determined through consumer surveys. 

Lee Junho

Lee Jun-ho, who made his debut as a member of the boy group 2PM in 2008, began his acting career with the debut role “Detective Daramjwi (Squirrel)” in the 2013 film “Cold Eyes”. He has established himself as a trustworthy actor by building a solid filmography with representative works, such as KBS2’s drama “Good Manager”, JTBC’s “Rain or Shine”, and SBS’s “Wok of Love”, tvN’s “Confession”, etc.

After getting discharged from the military in March of last year, Lee Jun-ho raised fans’ expectations and drew attention with his comeback project. He resumed activities by selecting MBC’s historical drama “The Red Sleeve” among many love calls from drama producers.

Lee Junho

In “The Red Sleeve”, which attracted attention as the most anticipated work in the second half of 2021, Lee Jun-ho played the role of an arrogant and perfectionist King Jeongjo Yi San. He performed enthusiastically and presented in-depth emotional acting and delicate expressions. Lee Jun-ho gained huge popularity at a “syndrome level” and received favorable reviews for his character and the drama. Playing a leading role in MBC’s first drama with double-digit ratings in more than three years, he was honored with Top Excellence Award (Actor) in a Miniseries and Best Couple at the 2021 MBC Drama Awards. Lee Jun-ho’s presence continues to shine as he won Best Actor at the 34th Korea PD Awards and was nominated for Best Actor in TV Series at the 58th Baeksang Arts Awards. 

Lee Jun Ho

Meanwhile, Lee Jun-ho recently confirmed his appearance in the next drama “King The Land” (written by Choi Rom). “King the Land” tells the story of when the male protagonist Gu Won, the heir to a chaebol family who can’t stand fake smiles, meets the female protagonist Cheon Sa-rang (Im Yoon-ah), whose job is to smile even when she doesn’t want to. Making a comeback with a rom-com, Lee Jun-ho will appear as a character who is smart, well-mannered, and chic but lacks a sense of love.

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